Food Blogger Announces Coconut Flour Breakthrough

According to Regina Braun - renowned health food recipe blogger - working with coconut flour is different from wheat flour but not impossible to work with once her breakthrough is understood.

Regina Braun - a popular health food blogger - announced today that she will be publishing an eBook containing dozens of her most popular coconut flour dessert recipes. These are all recipes she developed - from scratch - to substitute her favorite desserts otherwise made using wheat flour.

According to Braun "Coconut flour has very unique characteristics. So the real challenge - for me - wasn't coming up with recipes to make, but rather getting the ingredients and ratios right for it to behave and respond the way I needed it to."

Braun went on to explain how coconut flour - although fairly readily available in most chain stores today - is not yet popular in the general public. "People are aware of it. They know it exists and some - seeking an alternative to wheat flour - will buy it and attempt to use it like regular flour, and quickly learn it has a completely different temperament."

"Coconut flour - unlike most grain flours which are starches - consists of fiber mainly." Braun continued "For this reason it is extremely hygroscopic. Meaning it soaks up a lot of liquid. This can make it very difficult to work with, especially when you are just starting out."

She noted - however - how after dozens upon dozens of trial and errors she finally had a breakthrough moment that allowed her to use coconut flour with consistent success after.

"I'll never forget that afternoon. I gave my husband two different pieces of pancakes to try and asked him to guess which one was made from coconut flour. Him - being very picky about new and experimental foods - pointed at the wheat flour one. My heart skipped a beat!"

Braun giggles "When asking which one he preferred, he pointed at the coconut flour one. In that moment I knew that I was on to something big. Many many tests later I managed to break it down to a science which has enabled not only me but dozens of other people to replicate my success."

The challenge - according to Braun - is to accept coconut flour for its uniqueness. "Forget everything you know about baking with wheat flour! Those rules and ratios don’t work with coconut flour. And don’t use your Grandma’s recipes, that have been handed down for generations, trying to replace the wheat flour in them with coconut flour. It won’t work! Use recipes that have been specifically developed for coconut flour. Or if you are feeling experimental, take the ratio guideline from my ebook as a starting point to develop your own new recipes."

To learn more about how coconut flour works or to check out Braun's indepth guide to creating delicious coconut flour dessert, go to:

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