FomoETH, a new Crypto Startup begins its presale for a new concept mobile app – NFTagram

FomoETH has further plans and are developing the ‘FomoETH Swap’, which will be launched around February 2022.

FomoETH, a new Crypto Startup begins its presale for a new concept mobile app – NFTagram

Blockchain technology and the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) have become an integral part of the crypto industry. According to analysts, there are possibilities for the entire crypto industry to die out, but not for blockchain technology and the NFTs. True to the fact, NFTs at a time could even take over the crypto industry.

In such aspects, a revolutionary project combining both the blockchain network and the NFTs, sounds quite amazing right? Yes, the FomoETH is one such which integrates both the blockchain technology along with the NFT together. The FomoETH actually serves as a democratic platform that focuses more on its holders and supporters of the platform.

Another aspiring fact is that the native token of the FomoETH will be in operation upon both the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as well as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Moreover, the 2 main attributes around which the complete project revolves around will be the FomoETH token and their NFT project, the NFTagram.

Regardless, the FomoETH allows its holders and users to decide and vote for their opinions and proposals for the betterment of the project, making it completely democratic in all aspects. While there is also rewards distributed in both BSC and Ethereum network for the holders. It's an automatic reward distribution in ETH (ETH for ERC20, WETH for BEP20) from its own transactions.

The NFTagram serves as the primary attribute for the FomoETH network. Unique features of this attribute are that every moment of one’s life through pictures captured could be converted into NFTs and they will remain in their blockchain forever. Apart from this, it even features mining of NFTs and you can even sell your own NFT upon your wish. The NFTagram will be available as an App both in the Apple store as well as the Google Play store.

In addition to all this, FomoETH has further plans and is developing the ‘FomoETH Swap’, which will be launched around February 2022. This will be followed by another launch of their unique ‘FomoETH Wallet’ too. The plans and projects in hands of the FomoETH ecosystem are quite rigid, expanding itself towards the future.

With regards to all the above, the pre-sale of the FomoETH tokens will start first upon the Binance Smart Chain on December 22, 2021, exactly by 2:00 am UTC, followed by the sale on Ethereum blockchain.

The presale will feature about 431,872,120,000 FomoETH tokens, which constitutes about 43.18% of the overall FomoETH tokens available. The price of these tokens is 86,374,424 FomoETH per 1BNB, at a 0% purchase fee. The maximum possible investment is limited to 5BNB and the minimum will be 0.5BNB, at 0. The presale will go on only for 2 days ending by December 24, 2021 exactly by the same 2:00 am UTC.

The public sale for the FomoETH tokens will start from December 24, 2021, 2:00am UTC, with 213,765,750,000 FomoETH at sale. The price will be 77,733,000 FomoETH per 1BNB, at 10% purchase fee.

Previously, FomoETH has successfully raised seed funding of 1M USD in total on June 21, 2021:

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