Foiply Launches Latest Innovation Improving Upon a Long-Standing Business Tool

VoIP fax adapters have the ability to transform business telecommunications without costly and time-consuming system installation, publishes

More than a decade ago, today's well-known digital lifestyle began to take hold of the world. As its prominence grew, market analysts realized certain technology once considered state-of-the-art would soon be phased out, giving way to more modern advancements. Among these cutting-edge devices was the fax machine, which was expected to be extinct by this time. Contrary to that prediction, an estimated 70 million small businesses still hold fast to this office tool.

Despite this figure, a growing number of companies indicated a desire for a more efficient alternative to the fax machine according to a survey released in 2015. In response to this waxing demand, Matt Schultz of Foiply has launched the company's latest edition of its VoIP Fax Adapter. Said Schultz, "Our new device, deemed the FaxBridge, is the world's next generation in this realm of business operations. All clients need in order to use this technology is an internet connection and an account with us. It's a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use solution catering to today's evolving small business communication needs."

Based on information available through the Foiply website, the FaxBridge device is configured specifically for each client's account prior to shipment. Those relying on analog phone lines solely for their faxing needs are able to eliminate landlines; instead, they may implement the same VoIP technology designed to transform voice-based communications to digital format. Service may be tailored to fulfill the individual needs of each company using the FaxBridge system.

Faxes sent and received via this type of telecommunication are automatically secured through cloud-based storage, creating a backup copy as well as allowing for more timely and effective organization. The amount of paper waste produced by traditional fax is reduced; at the same time, this method is said to offer greater security than its predecessor. Also offered on the Foiply website is an opportunity for those interested to try the system before committing to its purchase.

Concluded Schultz, "Our FaxBridge system allows clients to save time and money in a number of ways while also improving security and compliance. Traditional faxes were among the greatest innovations of their time, but our new device expands upon the old technology and eliminates many of the challenges companies now face with outdated methods. They don't have to replace their current fax machines, but our device easily replaces the need for analog phone lines. We encourage anyone in need of more efficient communication methods in this regard to visit our website for more information."

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Foiply offers secure and reliable cloud fax services to businesses of all sizes. The company provides a robust platform with a scalable pricing model.

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