FlowLeads App Review Disclose The Secret Of Getting 300 Plus Leads For Building Big User’s Email List

Owning A Product and an Email list is what makes business online succeed, between these two, an email list is considered harder to build than create a product. However, email list now could be built quicker with the new software named FlowLeads from Precious Ngwu.

Marketer online and online business always know that having an email list is not optional but a must to build a long term successful internet business. Email List is the only asset one could truly control online while FB ads, Google ads or SEO rankings could be blocked overnight or become costly or flat out and stop working. Also, all of the above sources are controlled by major platforms and network that will never give a hoot about ordinary people such as small and medium online business. Nevertheless, all of these tragedy never happen to email list.

Therefore, once owning an email list, it is the personal property, any person with an email list could download it and export it to any platform they prefer and start emailing from there. As well, email list is the most efficient and lucrative method of selling online products and services, the bigger the email list, the more profitable ones may make. However, the problem is building a massive email list takes a lot of work and cost tons amount of expense. Usually, to build a regular email list, marketer must create a website that converts, then attract visitor by paid traffic on social media networks, not to mention the price for these services is more and more expensive.

However, Precious Ngwu and Emi Nelson - two internet marketing professionals have discovered a rare underground method of collecting email leads called "Mean Cat Method" and unlike anything ever appeared before, it generally ensures to generate email leads day-to-day for free. After that, they built a powerful cloud-based software to automate that method and called it "FlowLeads". Now all marketer and vendor can make use of this secret program to strongly multiply their email list by 200 - 500 subscribers automatically every day for free of charge. Simply connect to the email autoresponder account, create and launch the funnel then watch FlowLeads as it builds the email list on completed autopilot.

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This viral lead generation platform is completely cloud-based and works with all popular email service providers.flowleads can run unlimited campaigns and will personalize campaigns with users’ personal domain. its users are guaranteed to gets 100-300 free leads daily without the need of working with tasks since it runs on full automation with the set it & forget it technology. Ultimately, FlowLeads can works in any niche and gets users high results for the same daily.

Here's what makes FlowLeads App outstanding from other software:

• It's Not Just Viral, It's Guaranteed Leads: Most of the existing software out there get content shared using regular functions like share to download that get a lot of shares but NEVER turns into leads. FlowLeads Software’s system is different, instead of putting the focus on getting shares, it only focuses on getting for its user the one thing they truly need is Email Leads.
• Readymade Lead Funnels: with the whole lead generation funnel pre-made, users can just select the viral lead funnel goal and it will load all the presets and users can proceed to get real leads inside without wasting time on boring and technical configurations.
• Beautiful Templates with Intuitive Live Editor: The system is loaded with the best high converting lead capture templates that Precious Ngwu and his team could create.

“What really stands out with FlowLeads is the gorgeous templates that really convert traffic and the modern drag and drop “sectional” based editor technology Precious Ngwu and his team are using. Most of other software have monotonous landing page and even when they go viral you will certainly not get any leads. That is when FlowLeads smashes the competition.” Bill Burniece - super email marketer said: “I wish I would have had this valuable tool when I first started building the email list. It would have saved me months and efforts as well as thousands of dollars in expense. Leads are equal to Profits and this software will literally pay for itself quickly with the free leads you will be getting.”

At the current time, the company of FlowLeads are offering a Xmas special deal that will allow 100 first buyer to get the lifetime access at a very low cost, come along with it is four solid bonuses to enhance its user’ experience.

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