Flower Power Feminine Health Products Now Available on Amazon

FlowerPower Boric Acid Suppositories help women say goodbye to excess discharge, itching, and embarrassing odors

In a bid to allow more women access to its products, Flower Power Feminine Health is thrilled to announce that its products can now be bought from Amazon. The products include a boric acid vaginal suppository that helps women balance the pH of their vaginas. This helps eliminate vaginal odor, itch and discharge.

With over 21 million American women suffering from vaginal odor and bacterial vaginosis, Flower Power Feminine Health is set to extend its reach and cater to a wider audience. Customers will now be able to shop for Flower Power products from the comfort of their homes as well as have an opportunity to give a portion of profits to women-based charities of their choice.

The Boric Acid Suppository allows ladies to feel clean during the day and confident in the bedroom. Made in the United States, Flower Power Health products have been proven to be incredibly effective. "Women see rapid results with our suppositories. A lot of women notice changes after the first night. It’s pretty remarkable stuff," says Naomi Moore, a spokesperson for FlowerPower.

All FlowerPower products contain boric acid, an ingredient that has been recommended by doctors for over a hundred years. According to General Practitioner, Dr. V. Cervantes, M.D., ‘‘Flower Power is a product of years of research of the benefits of its key ingredient, boric acid, to the normal vaginal flora which helps in fighting off infections, unwanted itching and odor. It helps the vagina return to its normal acidic state. It is natural, cruelty-free, easy to use and most importantly, proven effective.’’

In addition, all ingredients used in the products are 100% pure and crafted with care in a US-based facility. The products also come with a vegan capsule, which studies have shown dissolves better and allows optimal absorption for cleaner, faster and more efficient pH-balancing results.

Flower Poweris sold by women who have also dealt with vaginal issues which is why the company is dedicated to selling products they are confident in. They work in line with their mission which is to help women regain confidence with safe, natural solutions and have a bit of fun while doing it.

For more information, visit Flower Power on their website - getflowerpower.com or on Amazon.com.

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