Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat Offers Free Bali Tours to Group Leaders

Floating Leaf is waiving tour fees, accommodations and meals for any traveler that brings a group of 8 or more to stay at their eco-retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat is a custom Bali tour operator that specializes in small group travel. As a way to book guests, they are offering a free tour to any traveler who can find seven or more friends to join them on their tour. Tours generally run from seven to fourteen days and are customized specifically for the group. In other words, if the group is a yoga class, Floating Leaf will design a yoga specific tour that will include yoga instruction in their large, open air yoga studio. Bali is considered a mecca for yoga practitioners. If the group is part of say, a photography club, Floating Leaf will provide professional photography instruction as well as day tours to some of Bali’s many photo opportunities. Other popular categories include wellness, spiritual, surfing, cultural tourism, culinary, agri-tourism and scuba diving.

Tour packages are priced low enough to allow many group leaders to bump the price of the tour to cover his or her airfare, allowing the tour leader to fly free as well. That’s no problem for the other guests since even with a slight bump in price, the entire package is still a tremendous value. The promotion allows group leaders to get their air fare, hotel accommodations and meals at no cost—and they get a customized tour with deep cultural encounters in a beautiful tropical paradise. Even if the group leader decides not to raise the price of their tour, they will still receive accommodations, most meals and the tour, free of charge.

Though Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat isn’t scheduled to open its doors until January, 2014, tours are filling up quickly. “We’re very surprised at how fast we’re booking tours for next year,” said Dino Maiolo, digital marketing manager for Floating Leaf. “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The group leader promotion that we’re doing has gotten a great response and the design of the retreat is amazing. We’ve managed to build a luxury retreat and still be eco-friendly. Consumers love that.” Though the retreat will not be open until early next year, Floating Leaf is still booking a few tours for 2013. They’ll be leading the tours themselves and setting up guests in partner hotels and villas.

With six large rooms, a large yoga studio, two kitchens, two spas, an ultimate relaxation pool and one of the most artistic villa designs on the island, Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat will be an exciting new attraction to the Bali community. The Floating Leaf team also has an intimate connection to the people and culture of Bali, which allows them access to traditional ceremonies and rituals that most visitors to the island never get to see.

Though the retreat itself is new, the Floating Leaf guides are no new comers to the Bali tour business. They have been running tours through Bali since 2008. They consist of residents from both Bali and California, giving them a unique advantage to combine western expectations with Balinese culture and tradition. For more information, consumers can contact Dino Maiolo at dm@balifloatingleaf.com.

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Organization: Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat
Address: Jl Pantai Purnama 42, Bali, Indonesia
Phone: (619) 630-5521
Website: http://balifloatingleaf.com/how-to-tour-bali-without-paying-for-it/

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