Floating Board is Now Top Hoverboard in USA

Foating board has become the most popular hoverboard in 2017.

Shattering all records floating board is now one of the most popular hoverboard brand in USA. Launched in early 2016, floating board has managed to build a reputation by selling safe, and high quality hoverboards to it's worldwide customers. They offer UL2272 batteries which do not cause any excessive heating and fire issues.

Floating board is ranked #1 by several online review websites including crunchy tricks and ThyBlackMan to name a few. Currently they have over 30 different models available on their website including 6.5 inch, 8 inch and even 10 inch models. According to the official source, the most popular hoverboard on their site is Lamborghini Hoveboard which has received most number of sales so far.

Many hoverboard brands available now a days use unsafe lithium batteries which are quite dangerous and can cause excessive heating issues. Since floating board is using UL2272 certified batteries you can use them without any issues. Safety agency knows as UL has already tested all their batteries for safety and reliability.

Many self balancing scooters available on the site offers unique features such as bluetooth, speakers, IP waterproof technology. Consumer can connect their board with a smartphone using bluetooth. Using a smartphone you can also adjust speed mode and steering mode of your hoverboard. Further all boards are waterproof, so if it will not heat up when comes in contact with water.

Recently the website also launched 4.5 inch hoverboards which are suitable for kids under 13. These boards comes with protective gears such as helmet and knee caps which are required for a child to stay safe. Riding a 6.5 inch hoverboard can be quite dangerous for small children's. Hence the company has come up with this unique hoverboard to make sure the younger audience can enjoy this new hoverboard with minimal risks of getting injured.

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