Flat Belly Overnight Reveals Easy Trick Before Going To Bed To Drop 2 Pounds By Tomorrow Morning

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Flat Belly Overnight by trainer Andrew Raposo reveals a simple before bedtime trick to lose 2 pounds of belly fat by tomorrow morning.

Flat Belly Overnight shares a specific “trick” done before going to sleep that allows people to lose 2 pounds of stubborn belly by morning. Andrew Raposo, author of this unique fat loss program utilizes a special technique that athletes and professional fighters use to get into great shape as the foundation of his program. This same trick also saved the life of Amy, Andrew’s big sister, but more on that in a minute.

The Flat Belly Overnight program reveals the reason people 40 years and above struggle with slimming down even though they workout, eat right and follow all the mainstream fitness advice. It turns out that people 40 years old and above struggle due to a combination of factors.

Official Website: Do This One Simple Trick Before Bed To Lose 2 Pounds of Stubborn Belly Fat By Tomorrow Morning

The first is a hormonal change that occurs which results in a slowing down of the body’s metabolism. This change which occurs in men and women literally makes it harder to slim down. The other problems occur because fitness and nutrition advice that works for someone in their 20’s provides the opposite results for someone in their 40’s due to the hormonal change that occurs.

Techniques and methods such as cutting calories, low carb diets, high intensity interval training and eating certain “healthy” fruits and vegetables can lead to increased weight gain, inflammation and the storage of toxins within the body. The truth is that as the body ages it requires more energy to perform it’s functions and so when calories are cut the body doesn’t have enough energy to burn off stored fat. This results in body fat to be stored over and over again which leads to increased belly fat.

In Flat Belly Overnight Andrew Raposo mentions that specific fruits and vegetables contain a fat-storing hormone which is added into them to help preserve them. It’s harmless to the fruits and vegetables, but the human body doesn’t know how to handle it which produces inflammation and toxins in the stomach region. This leads to bloating and damages the body’s ability to release stored fat.

Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight project takes this hormonal shift into account as well as these other factors and provides a easy, simple solution to burn belly fat without complex dieting or exercise. It’s also the reason Amy, Andrew’s sister is alive today.

Presentation: Watch the entire emotional story of how Andrew's sister Amy Raposo went from overweight and Type 2 Diabetes to losing 52 pounds and living a healthy, lean lifestyle

The official website of Flat Belly Overnight tells the emotional story of Amy, mother of two who has spent most of her adult life overweight. Most of her weight was stored within the belly and this high level of body fat was destroying her health and her life. Most people don’t realize that high amounts of belly fat can cause a number of serious health problems including Cancer, Heart Attack, Diabetes and other illnesses.

Due to her negative health conditions Amy suffered from a mini stroke which led doctors to discover she had type 2 diabetes. According to the doctors another stroke could be the end of her and this led to Amy to reach out to her brother Andrew Raposo. A trainer and former kickboxing champion.

Andrew Raposo decided to the same trick, that would eventually become the foundation of his Flat Belly Overnight program with Amy. This trick was never used on non-athletes before so Andrew tweaked a few things, taught it to Amy and by the morning she had dropped 2 pounds. Within a week Amy lost 11 pounds and within six weeks Amy dropped a total of 52 pounds.

This trick can be repeated over and over to produce consistent, steady results. The more weight Amy dropped the better she got and eventually the doctors said Amy had a complete reversal of her Type 2 diabetes. The Flat Belly Overnight program was born from Amy’s amazing recovery.

Andrew Raposo decided to refine the trick and modify it to not only allow the person to melt off belly fat, but to also tone the body and remove built up toxins which kept fat from being released. The Flat Belly Overnight program provides step by step blueprints in three different parts. The first part of the Flat Belly Overnight system is the main book. This guidebook explains the science behind everything, how it works and what is needed. A 3 minute sequence is the second part of The Flat Belly Overnight program and it was designed to strengthen the muscles within the stomach, enhance core strength and increase metabolism. The final part of the program deals with removal of the toxins built up within the stomach.

For individuals interested in learning more about Andrew Raposo's Flat Belly Overnight visit the official website here.

When combined these 3 pieces combine to create a simple fat loss program which can be used on a consistent and steady basis. Amy was able to change her life by applying this trick. Andrew Raposo knows that a lot of people may be worried if the Flat Belly Overnight program will work for them so he is including a 60 day money back guarantee to make the program zero risk.

Getting in shape and living a lean, healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is applying a protocol designed to address the direct problems which cause weight loss in individuals 40 and older. The program will work for people under 40 too, but people 40 years old and above will experience faster results when using Flat Belly Overnight.

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