Flat Belly Overnight Detailed Review Reveals Before Bed Trick To Burn 2 Pounds of Belly Fat By Tomorrow

Flat Belly Overnight, a new fat loss course from fitness trainer Andrew Raposo reveals how a simple trick done before going to sleep allowed his sister to lose 2 pounds of belly fat overnight and saved her life.

Flat Belly Overnight, a new program from fitness trainer Andrew Raposo has been released to the public and shows people how to use a simple trick before going to bed to burn 2 pounds of belly fat by tomorrow. This trick has been used for years to help athletes and professional fighters get into the best shape possible within the shortest period of time and now Andrew Raposo is making it available to the public for the first time.

When Andrew Raposo, the author of the program discovered his sister was having major health problems this trick allowed Amy Raposo to burn 2 pounds of belly fat overnight. Andrew Raposo's sister continued to apply the trick each night and this led to Amy losing 11 pounds in one week and the final result was 52 lbs dropped in less than six weeks.

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The Flat Belly Overnight program doesn't involve any gym time, no calorie counting, no high intensity interval training or starving. Experts claim to lose weight an individual must exercise 3 to 5 times a week and eat healthy foods on a constant basis. The issues is that this advice changes once someone hits the age of 40 years old. People under 40 years of age are able to cut calories, workout a few times a week and see consistent results, but at the age of 40 cutting back calories isn't good for the body. The human body struggles to burn fat due to a lack in basic energy needs. Calories are nothing more then units of energy and when the body lacks energy fat burning stops and weight gain occurs.

In addition, metabolism slows down as aging increases and metabolism is critical for maximum fat burning. So when the body consumes less calories and has slowed down metabolism the body will hold on to fat around the waist and stomach regions.

Another problem are low carb diets. In the fitness world low carb diets are popular right now, but most people don't realize they increase the risk of heart attack. These diets cause a increase in heart palpations which can lead to heart problems with some people.

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Fruits and vegetables, the core of a healthy eating plan are turning out to not be as healthy as once thought. New research shows that a fat storing hormone is injected into certain fruits and vegetables for a number of reasons. These hormones create inflammation within the body which causes an increase in toxins within the stomach. These toxins stored in the stomach makes it hard to burn off belly fat and with the other items listed above makes it almost impossible. These problems made Amy Raposo's situation worst.

Andrew Raposo, the author of Flat Belly Overnight claims this trick works for people under the age of 40, but men and women over 40 will get the most benefit. The reason behind this is due to the hormonal changes that occur when people are 40 years of age and over.

This hormonal change is what causes traditional diets and workout programs to become ineffective, but Flat Belly Overnight takes advantage of this shift in hormones which results in increased fat burning, increased energy and better overall health.

The trick that makes up Flat Belly Overnight isn't new and has been around for awhile, but it was only used by professional fighters. They used the trick to get into the best shape possible in the quickest, most effective time possible. Andrew Raposo, a Kickboxing and Boxing Champion decided that it might help his sister and this led to the creation of the entire Flat Belly Overnight program.

The Flat Belly Overnight program consist of the main program called "Flat Belly Overnight". This is the exact protocol Andrew and his sister Amy use before bed to boost metabolism, burn fat and relax the body for a great night sleep. The program also reveals the types of foods that need to be consumed before bed to get maximum fat burn. No calorie counting is required for this bedtime trick to worl.

This one trick contained in the Flat Belly Overnight program is responsible for Amy Raposo's weight drop, but Andrew Raposo decided to enhance it and improve upon it by adding two other modules. The second module is a 3 minute sequence to target belly fat and firm the midsection even more. These sequences activate the body's core using diaphragmatic breathing.

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The third module within Flat Belly Overnight Andrew Raposo created helps to remove toxins from the body. This helps improve the release of belly fat, improve health and immune system functions. Combined all three modules create the entire Flat Belly Overnight program. Andrew Raposo, author of Flat Belly Overnight is offering a 60 day money back guarantee so that people can try out his new fat loss method and see the results for themselves without any personal risk.

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