Flat and Firm Belly Review Reveals How To Get A Slimmer, Flatter Belly In 21 Days

Flat and Firm Belly by Dawn Sylvester reveals a solution for women over 35 looking to get rid of unwanted belly fat caused by a Menopause molecule that doesn't require a complicated eat plan or intense exercise.

Flat and Firm Belly, a new program from Dawn Sylvester has been released to the public today. The new program is designed to help women shut off menopause molecules which lead to unwanted fat storage around the belly and melt off the stubborn belly fat that currently exist without harsh eating plans or intense exercise protocols.

The new program is geared toward women 35 and older who are looking to get flat, firm bellies in 21 days. This is accomplished through a unique combination of specially formulated regimen of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Dawn Sylvester, the author of Flat and Firm Belly has highlighted the menopause gene that is carried in the DNA of each woman, and the system helps eliminate "menopause belly" commonly seen in women 45 years old and older.

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The Flat and Firm Belly author claims that toxins within certain foods switch on genes which lead to increased fat storage. The new system is designed for women who’ve had little results form other eating plans, work with little time to spare, have hormonal imbalances, or feel overweight.

According to the Flat and Firm Belly website, any woman 35 and older can take advantage of the system without counting calories, rigorous dieting, or boring workouts. As a bonus, the system smooths wrinkles while improving hair, skin, and nails. The system’s key is Metabolic Activation, which activates all three of the body’s natural fat loss systems.

The 3-step Flat Belly Formula includes switching off menopause molecules, turning on the body’s belly shrinking hormone, and boosting metabolism. “All three must be working together in order to switch off the menopause gene and see a flat and firm belly,” reports Sylvester.

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The Flat and Firm Belly programs comes with the following digital items. These include the 21 Day Flat and Firm Belly Done For You Diet Kit, the 24-Hour Flat and Firm Belly Detox Protocol, the Belly Blasting Smoothie System, 10 Sneaky Tips To Rapidly Reduce Menopause Belly Fat, and a free bonus program called Simple Follow Along Belly Blasting Sequences.

Due to the new launch of the Flat and Firm Belly program individuals can receive a limited time discount. All orders are backed by a money back guarantee, which lets people try the system for 60 days.

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