Flameless LED Tea Lights Are Perfect For Spring Wedding Decor

Flameless LED tea lights are a safe and beautiful way to decorate the perfect Spring wedding.

Weddings are the stuff of dreams, and create lasting, glowing memories for everyone who attends.

Nothing creates a more romantic glow in a chapel, or even a reception hall than candlelight. Unfortunately, candles come with a risk of fire, and risk of injury. In fact, some locations don't allow candles on the premises. But, there is a way to decorate and get that romantic glow without the use of traditional, burning candles.

Flameless LED tea light candles like those sold by Frux Home and Yard are battery-powered and emit no heat. This means there's no risk of fire, ruining decorations or burns to guests or others who are around those candles.

These small lights fit into any tea light or votive holder, and have a flicker to them that is similar to a traditional candle, and there are many ways they can be used to decorate for weddings.

Often, decorators will use several flameless LED candles in groupings on tables and in standing candle bases to bring a little extra sparkle and ambiance to the entire room. Because these small candles emit no heat, decorators can line these candles up along the aisle, along the altar or use them in any way they can think of, without the risk that traditional burning candles carry.

“Flameless LED candles are a great and unique way to light a wedding,” says Mike McDonald, representative of Frux Home and Yard. “In fact, due to liability issues, many venues and events forbid the use of traditional candles because of their high fire risk.”

Flameless tea lights are fast and simple to use. Just turn the tea light over and flip a tiny switch on the bottom, then set it down. These lights are small but they flicker brightly and last for at least 40 hours. They are the perfect alternative when planning a wedding or party in a venue that does not allow traditional candles.

Frux Home and Yard sells their flameless LED tea lights in packages of 24, exclusively through Amazon.com. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee and with Frux Home and Yard, batteries are always included.

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