Flameless Candles Said To Be Child And Pet Friendly

Fire and the flames from candles are known to be dangerous, especially when used near children or pets. Frux Home and Yard says the risk can be eliminated by the use of battery powered candles.

Children and animals, such as cats, are naturally drawn to light due to their curious nature and if left unsupervised, can unintentionally cause harm to themselves and their surroundings. In light of this reality, many are considering the use of flameless candles around the home to minimize the risks associated with light from candles and other sources which carry open flames.

One such option is a set of LED flameless candles being sold by Frux Home and Yard on the shopping platform, Amazon. These lights are all electronic, employing the power source of CR2032 Lithium ion batteries and using LED lamps as light sources. Despite the physical and chemical differences, the flameless candles are said to look and behave just like traditional candles, having the same soft, yellow glow and flickering in a similar manner. Because of this, they can be used in many applications and settings that utilize candles and other open-flamed light sources such as Tiki torches used for many outdoor events.

Traditional candles, while providing warmth and an enchanting ambience, are thought to be dangerous to children and pets as they can be easily knocked over to start a fire, along with being able to drip hot wax and release fumes that many feel are not good for inhalation.  “There are too many stories in the news with fires that happen because of pets or kids, and normally it’s not their fault, after all they are just doing what pets and kids do, being curious. Fortunately, with our LED flameless candles, the fire risk is no longer there.” said Mike McDonald, a representative from Frux Home and Yard.

As it relates to safety, many households that have children and pets around are possibly more prone to loss, injuries and even death that could arise from using flame-based lights in their presence. The LED flameless candles from Frux Home and Yard are among the options available that could prevent such occurrences.

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