Flame-Resistant Apparel Maker Tough Tech Launches New Online Store

Online store will make it easy for people all across the USA to buy locally-produced flame-resistant apparel in a variety of styles, reports Tough Tech.

Tough Tech, a local manufacturer of flame-retardant clothing and other safety apparel, today announced the launch of its online store. This will allow customers to purchase their products at www.ToughTech.com/ even if they are far from Salt Lake City, and will help contractors and others who work in high-heat situations of all sorts.

"Many people think flame-retardant clothing is just for firefighters, but that's not actually the case," said Taylor Brown of Tough Tech. "Our clothing is used by welders, building contractors, foundry workers, and others. Thanks to the wide variety of uses and users, we make it in a huge array of styles. With some of the styles, it's not even obvious that it's fire resistant."

One good example is the company's flame-resistant denim jeans. These look like regular jeans, but are rated as fire-resistant under official specifications like NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E. This lets people know exactly what kind of activities they are good for. Another item that looks like regular clothes is the flame-resistant crewneck sweatshirt, which is rated under four different systems so it's easy for people to find it under the specifications they seek.

"We also carry a variety of more traditional fire-retardant apparel, such as duck bib overalls, pants, and similar gear. This heavier material is rated the same as the other clothes, but is usually used for designs that include plenty of pockets. It's preferred by workers who need to carry a lot of tools as well as personal goods. Plus, some just like the traditional designs and materials as a matter of personal preference," Brown said.

People who look for apparel that's made in the USA will not be disappointed with Tough Tech. All of its clothes are made domestically by the company. Since it owns an actual apparel factory, it can also take on custom jobs and provide lead times that are much shorter than what can be offered by companies that order from overseas. The company also has full control over quality, since its supervisors are right there in the plant where they can physically see what's going on.

Tough Tech's new site makes it easy to gain access to their high-quality, domestically-produced goods from anywhere in the country. The available items are displayed across two screens, and feature images big enough that there is no doubt as to what will be seen when one is clicked. Product detail pages give all of the relevant information in a clear, concise format that makes it easy for no-nonsense customers to determine which items will be best for them. This is sure to be appreciated by welders and other contractors who just want to get their clothing and be on their way without having to read through paragraphs of flowery text.

About Tough Tech

Tough Tech is a United States apparel manufacturer specializing in safety apparel for the working American. They take pride in outfitting hardworking Americans and stand behind their products with a lifetime guarantee. These are tough products for tough jobs, and workers can trust Tough Tech to keep them comfortable and protected.

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