Five Fatalities as Tropical Storm Imelda Brings Flooding to Coastal Texas

Residents Begin Recovery after 40 Inches of Rainfall Devastated Texas

Five deaths have been blamed on Tropical Storm Imelda after it devastated parts of Texas and Louisiana this week. Boat rescues were still underway late Friday to rescue about 60 residents in Houston who had to be evacuated from their flooded homes.

According to reports, three of the fatalities happened when residents were stuck in their cars when the flooding began. Another death was reportedly due to electrocution when a man tried to move his horse to safety. More deaths are to be expected, says Jefferson County spokeswoman, Allison Getz. "The issue is that you can't get 40 inches of rain in a 72-hour period and be fully prepared for that," she adds.

With the rising floodwaters comes the possibility of water contamination and flash flooding. Many are struggling to return to normalcy and work, amid closed highways, ruined infrastructure, damaged homes, and stranded loved ones. It is recommended that households should not limit their stock to food and water. They should also include hygiene and first aid products in their survival packs.

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