Fitness With Health Publishes Fat Loss Factor Review In First Of New Series of Reviews

Fitness With Health has published a new review of the Fat Loss Factor as part of their new bid to evaluate fitness fads from true quality products.

Many people want to lose weight, and the obesity epidemic is putting pressure on people to put weight loss ahead of things like fitness and health, oftentimes resulting in crash diets, fad diets and weight loss pills that can have serious health consequences. Fitness With Health is a website dedicated to helping people put their priorities toward health, vitality and physical capability with weight loss as a side effect where necessary. Their most recent mission has been to embark on a debunking series of editorials that independently evaluates diet regimes, and has started with Fat Loss Factor.

The Fat Loss Factor Review begins with an introduction to the current scientific consensus surrounding weight loss before listing the numerous advantages and disadvantages of the product in question. The review evaluates the weight loss routine, the assistance given and the cost before delivering a final statement.

The review is the first in a planned series which will give endorsement or criticism to fat fighting programs, pills and supplements and concludes with an endorsement for Fat Loss Factor, with seven advantages to just four disadvantages.

A spokesperson for Fitness With Health explained, “We believe that fitness and health are the two primary goals for people’s physical aspirations so we want to get people away from the desperation to lose weight that can often be unhelpful in helping them achieve their final goals. Exercise gives people a way to burn more calories and therefore removes the need to diet. Combining crash diets with exercise however can be dangerous as people simply don’t have the energy to do the exercise they will really benefit from. As such, we only positively review diet plans that take responsibility for people’s health, and encourage positive lifestyle changes. Fat Loss Factor does both.”

About Fitness With Health:
Fitness With Health is a site that offers advice and guidance to enthusiastic individuals about losing weight, getting fit and staying healthy. The site includes regular editorials on fitness tips, men’s fitness, and reviews of products designed to help people live a healthy lifestyle. The site is regularly updated and aims to provide a one-stop shop for all fitness resources.

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