Fitness Volt launches various online calculators to help users achieve fitness goals

Fitness Volt launches various online easy-to-use calculators to help users achieve their fitness goals.

Fitness Volt launches online easy-to-use calculators to help readers achieve their fitness goals in the New Year. One of those calculators is a calorie deficit calculator. This calculator is an effective tool that is used to determine the number of calories needed daily to lose weight. The calculator works by basing on the basal metabolic rate (BMR), level of daily activities, and the rate at which users desire to lose weight.

Basal metabolic rate defines the body’s calorie required to function at rest, commonly referred to as the metabolism. This is calculated by using a formula including the user’s weight, height, and age. When a person is in a calorie or energy deficit, the body will start tapping into the stored body fat, an important energy source. This is how the fat loss process works.

Another popular calculator that was updated is the TDEE calculator, which stands for the total daily energy expenditure calculator. This tool will help provide users with an accurate baseline on their health journey. The calculation is done based on the Mifflin-St Jeor equation for each gender. Katch-McArdle equation, widely known as the most precise formula, will be used if users can provide a body fat percentage measurement.

Through this measurement, users can know the total calories they burn daily. With the information, users can plan and keep track of their eating and exercise habits to achieve their fitness goals. The TDEE calculator is simple to use. All the users need is to input their weight, height, gender, age, body fat percentage, and select their daily activity level.

“Apart from just launching all these calculators that help users towards achieving their fitness goals, the team is also constantly providing users and readers with the latest strength and fitness training,” said a writer of the team. “With a team of registered dietitians, nutritionists, certified coaches, and personal trainers, a wide range of topics are covered on the website. Users can read on training and workout plans, diet and nutrition plans, or even just to keep updated with the events happening in the fitness world.” Readers of the website can also read reviews on training gear, equipment, and supplements before getting them.

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