Fitness Pro Ashley Azevedo Releases New, Free Five Minute Fitness E-Book

Free e-book shows how five minutes per day can produce impressive results and build lifelong fitness habits.

Fitness Specialist & Coach Ashley Azevedo has released a brand-new, free fitness e-book. Titled "Five Minute Fitness: Five Minutes Will Change Your Life!", Azevedo's new e-book is now available on Readers of the e-book will discover how to get a killer workout in just five minutes per day, anywhere, at any time, with no special equipment needed. The 5 Minute Fitness approach detailed in the new e-book aims at helping readers build habits that will contribute to improved health, mood, fitness, and energy levels for a lifetime to come.

"Adopting fitness as a lifestyle can help people to live happier, healthier lives," Azevedo said, "Unfortunately, too many people who make the decision jump straight into overly punishing workout routines and impossibly restrictive diets. Becoming fit does not require unbearable pain or deprivation. Whatever approach you choose should be maintainable for the long-term, and the beginning stages should really focus on making this thing a habit. Unbearable workouts and restrictive diets often leave people feeling defeated and frustrated. It's better to focus on reasonable, practical strategies that can become a natural part of everyday life. 'Five Minute Fitness' shows how this can be accomplished in a mere five minutes per day, with no special equipment needed. I encourage everyone to download a free copy today at!"

Barely a third of American adults today engage in the minimum recommended amount of physical activity, according to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, leaving many facing excessive weight gain, lowered energy levels and other problems, as a result. One of the main reasons people give for failing to stick with an exercise routine is lack of time, along with the perceived difficulty of adding in yet another obligation to their already long list.

As a prominent fitness trainer and specialist, Ashley Azevedo has distinguished herself by consistently creating ways to help people integrate exercise more naturally and habitually into their lives. Having recognized that the severe exercise regimes and diets that often attract so much attention alienate far more people than they help, Azevedo has made spreading awareness as to more realistic and productive alternatives a top priority over the course of her highly successful career.

With her new Five Minute Fitness e-book, Azevedo will reach an even wider audience, showing how mere minutes per day of equipment-free exercise can transform lives in highly positive, long-lasting ways. Designed to help any person turn fitness into a lifestyle and reap all the associated benefits, the unique approach detailed in the new e-book reflects Azevedo's deep commitment to making a real difference in the lives of others. The new e-book is available online now, entirely free of charge and without obligation at

About Ashley Azevedo:
Ashley Azevedo is a fitness personality who has been featured in fitness magazines such as Oxygen, Women's Health & Fitness, and Max Sports & Fitness.

As a fitness and commercial model she has been featured by brands such as Lorna Jane, Gold's Gym SoCal, Powertec, and Oxygen and has also appeared in videos for grammy nominated country superstar Blake Shelton, Shutterbug Magazine and numerous fitness companies.

Ashley is a California native who grew up in the San Joaquin Valley before moving to Santa Barbara, California where she graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Fitness Instruction, with an emphasis in both personal training and group fitness. Ashley helps individuals and organizations develop the habits they need to get fit and make it a lifestyle.

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