Fitness Expert Julie Buckeye Introduces New BalloFlex Seated Exercise Classes And DVD Series

Seated Exercise fitness expert and skilled athlete Julie Buckeye created the new BalloFlex DVD series to help people with limited mobility stay active and healthy. It’s perfect for seniors who may not be able to do other activities.

BalloFlex has introduced the world to a new type of chair exercise. It’s geared towards senior citizens and others with limited mobility, but is also useful for people who sit for extended periods of time for work or travel.

Julie Buckeye is an accomplished athlete and business woman who saw that there was a need in the market for a form of exercise that people with limited mobility could perform. She created the BalloFlex exercise program with seniors in mind in an attempt to help them be as active as possible.

Ms. Buckeye, the creator of BalloFlex explains:
“With each move, participants tone, stretch, flex, and strengthen muscles in their upper body, lower body, and abs. The small, consistent and rhythmic “bounce” in the abs while sitting is the cornerstone of the exercise that makes BalloFlex a new and unique while building core strength.”

The program classes are now being taught in numerous senior living facilities throughout Northeastern Ohio. Seniors interact in a group setting where they have the ability to receive personalized instruction as well as ask questions if needed.

Activity directors in these senior facilities have adopted this new seated exercise classes as a new way to improve the health and mobility of their residents. This program allows activity directors to provide an easy to follow program that will build strength, flexibility and improve mobility. Senior facility directors can learn more about these classes here.

Buckeye also created the Tour and Travel Seated Exercise DVDs specifically for tour bus companies and those who travel regularly. The DVDs provide tour bus operators with a program to entertain travelers on long trips. The DVD's are designed to provide all travelers but in particular, senior travelers with more energy and less stiffness when they reach their destination. This fitness program allows people to exercise while they travel, which both enhances health and prevents the body from cramping up. Frequent travelers and tour bus operators can learn more about this program here.

All of the BalloFlex programs are designed to build flexibility, strength and improve overall health all from a comfortable seated position.

Non-senior citizens who have been drawn to the BalloFlex DVDs come from all walks of life:
• Those struggling with weight and lack the confidence to comfortably use a gym have discovered that BalloFlex helps them remain active in the comfort of their own home.
• Individuals with developmental disabilities are able to participate with this program without fear that they’ll lose their balance and sustain an injury.
• Adults who are too busy with parenting and a career to carve out gym time. BalloFlex lets them workout whenever they’re seated.

Ms. Buckeye plans to continue to develop the BalloFlex program nationwide in order to help as many people with mobility issues.

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