fishbat Unveils 5 Tips for Using #Hashtags For Business

Following an article published by Examiner, fishbat, a leading social media agency, discusses five tips for using hashtags for business

Bohemia, NY / Mar 12, 2014 / fishbat, an award-winning social media agency, discusses five tips for using hashtags for business.

According to a March 6th article published by Examiner titled "The intricacies of hashtag use for a business doing social media," businesses engaged in social media marketing need to fully understand hashtags and how to use them properly. If used correctly, hashtags can help increase brand awareness tremendously.

Hashtags help consumers find products by creating a stream of content posted by other users, not just businesses. However, businesses can also use hashtags to analyze the perception of their products and make it easy for consumers to engage with their brand.

Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at fishbat, a leading social media agency, says, "While the benefits of using hashtags are tremendous, businesses can make mistakes while using them." Here are some tips how to use hashtags for business:

1. Don't use too many hashtags. "Using too many hashtags can be seen as spam. Try to limit the use of hashtags that are relatable to your product, service, or industry," Maas explains.

2. Research hashtags. "Companies must conduct market research effective hashtags to reach their target market," he says. "Research what hashtags mean and if they are linked to a certain brand or movement. This can help you avoid potential mistakes or inappropriate.

3. Use hashtags on a platform-by-platform basis. "What may work for a platform such as Twitter may be different for another social media platform, such as Facebook," he says. "While Twitter and Tumblr rely on hashtags, Facebook does not. Though there is an option to include hashtags, it doesn't really do much on Facebook."

4. Create original hashtags. "While using generic hashtags may help penetrate a market, creating original hashtags will help establish a brand and differentiate it from the competition," Maas says.

5. Use social media dashboards. "Applications such as HootSuite are very helpful to keep track and analyze your hashtags. They can be used for multiple social media platforms, making it easier to keep tabs on each account."

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