fishbat Reveals Why Native Ads Are the Future of Online Marketing

Following an article posted on Business Insider, fishbat, an online marketing company, explains why native ads are important to the future of digital marketing

BOHEMIA, NY / / fishbat, an online marketing company, explains why native ads in social media are extremely important.

According to a March 24th article posted on Business Insider titled "The Native Ad Rush Is On, And Social Media Is Leading The Charge," native ads are becoming very popular on social media. Native ads are advertisements integrated into a social media user's news feed. However, these ads look identical to original content posted by users. Native ads expand outreach and visibility for brands and businesses.

The article predicts that over 40 percent of social media ads will be native ads in the coming years. Marketers are trying to get native ads to flow seamlessly and look just like any other post. This will make it easier for people to read ads and not be turned off by the current ad format displayed on most social media networks. The article says that native ads are clicked on 49 times more than traditional ads on Facebook.

Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at fishbat, says that native ads are the future of online marketing. "People don't like reading posts that they know are ads," he says. "Native ads don't look like typical advertisements flooding news feeds. Because they look more like regular posts, people are more likely to read the ad," Maas says. "These types of ads can greatly expand a brand's reach. Research shows that consumers click and engage with native ads more so than regular ads. It's very important for brands and pages to participate in new ways of creating ads and reaching potential customers. Native ads are the future of online marketing."

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