fishbat Reveals 3 Ways To Keep Social Media Accounts Secure

Following an article posted on PC Magazine, Long Island marketing company, fishbat, discusses how to keep social media accounts safe

Bohemia, NY / Mar 7, 2014 / fishbat, a leading Long Island marketing company, discusses how to keep social media accounts secure.

According to an article posted on PC Magazine titled "Protect Your Identity on Social Media," social media accounts, just like any account on the Internet, are vulnerable to cyber attacks or hacks. Social media accounts often provide access to email accounts or leave clues to bank accounts, and other important information. It is important to keep social media accounts secure for many reasons.

The article says that there are various ways to make social media accounts more secure. Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at fishbat, discusses three ways to keep social media accounts more secure. They are as follows:

1. Check privacy settings. "Social media sites offer privacy settings to keep accounts safe and secure," Maas says. "You can choose who you share your information with. However, many sites don't make these setting mandatory, so make sure to check them often and tweak them to perfection to keep your account secure. Make sure you always know who you are sharing information with and who can see your profile."

2. Don't share everything. "Before posting on social networks, think about what is about what you're saying. Is it important? Is the information something that should be shared with everyone? Make sure to think about what you post before it is too late," he says.

3. Develop strong passwords. "For each social media account, use a different password. If a hacker finds out a password for one site, they will likely find it for all of your accounts if you use the same passwords often," Maas explains.

Mass says to keep an eye on social media accounts. "Social media is becoming a big part of all aspects of life. Personal and professional life depend on social media," he says. "Don't risk getting hacked. Use the tips provided to stay safe and secure on social media."

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