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Announcing the Launch of a New College Students Resource Platform — The new website consolidates information about different degree programs at various colleges for quick and easy reference 24/7 and will help in connecting students to college success and opportunity using fascinating approaches

It is obvious how college degrees are becoming of more importance in today's world as more and more students are beginning to choose a career and enroll for programs that fit their interests. While some of these college programs are credible and less time-consuming, others can be costly and daunting. These reasons are beginning to make college degree resources more relevant… and just in time for prospective career college and trade school students, there is a new website to provide current college and degree programs news and information. consolidates information about degree programs at different colleges for quick and easy reference 24/7.

Besides being a unique platform that helps in connecting students to college success and opportunity using fascinating approaches, FirstYear will enable students to find programs that fit their interests in different areas such as HVAC technician, Electrician, Phlebotomy, Medical Lab Assistant, Automotive Mechanic, Medical Billing & Coding, and more.

“By providing you with a wealth of information about the different schooling options, degrees available and career prospects, we hope that we can help you make a decision that leads you to a rewarding and fulfilling career, explained First Year team. So before you decide to enroll at a school of any type, be sure to check out the resources available on our website.” has been designed using great innovative experience to expand access to higher education via trade schools, technical schools, and career colleges since college degrees are important in today's world. The site not only provides students with the names of the best colleges in the world, but also provides them with a brief description of the courses offered, the fee structure, duration of the classes, eligibility, and a lot of other useful information that would help pin down the exact program that meets ones criteria. Reviews, accreditation details, and rankings of different colleges are not exempt too.

First Year team members say that the internet has made a tremendous impact on life but the greatest impact is to education. It has brought learning right to the comfort of ones own home. FirstYear desires to offer convenience and flexibility to the educational process.”

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