First US Healthcare Promotes First Line Of Defense In Safe Responsible Weight Loss

First US Healthcare has launched their site to prevent a wide range of medical problems by helping people to lose weight responsibly and effectively.

In the 21st century the promotion of instant gratification has caused some curious side-effects. Namely, that anything which requires a long term and gradual mindset is often eschewed in favor of an inferior but more immediate methodology. Healthy food takes time to prepare so people eat fast food high in fat and cause an obesity epidemic. Crash dieting promises people a way to lose a lot of weight short term, but the stresses this puts on the body puts people at risk. First US Healthcare has launched a website that prioritizes healthy weight loss and the transformation to a healthy lifestyle to address these issues.

The site includes interactive activities such as a diet and weight loss quiz to identify how much users really know about effective weight loss as well as a diet pill comparison tool ( that allows users to see how effective these magic beans actually are in the long term.

The site also has an exhaustive resource center ( filled with high quality, original editorials that cover issues of weight loss and lifestyle that enable individuals to make a series of small changes to their diet and habits that will have lasting and significant results.

A spokesperson for First US Healthcare explained, “People don’t understand the concept of homeostasis- this is the tendency of the body to want to keep things the same. That’s why crash diets never last and while gentle but consistent weight loss is the only way to reprogram homeostasis to accept a lower weight, making it much easier to keep the weight off once lost. This in turn prevents a huge number of medical problems including but not limited to diabetes and heart disease. Our resource center provides ways and means for people to achieve sustainable weight loss for a lifetime.”

About First US Healthcare:
At First US Health Care they emphasize a healthy loss of body fat as well as promoting a healthy body through their tips and resources. They look at the underlying causes of weight gain and the reasons why losing weight may be so difficult for different individuals. Their focus is on a healthy weight loss and a lifetime at a sustainable and healthy weight.

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