First Stage Scuba, a one stop website for scuba diving enthusiasts.

First Stage Scuba is a resource website for scuba divers by divers featuring the world’s best dive sites, scuba gear reviews and tips and tricks for diving.

First Stage Scuba is a new website that is being made by real divers for divers of all stages. The name is inspired from the scuba first stage, which typically refers to an important piece of equipment for all scuba divers, but it also represents the vital first stages of scuba life, which is the time between deciding to learn scuba and the point where new divers do not realize what they do not know.

The website's goal is to provide information to help new scuba divers journey into this activity easier by sharing things that we had learned, are still learning and our own experiences so far. It features information such as the world’s best dive sites, tips and tricks for beginners divers and gears review.

Currently the website provides Cozumel scuba diving guides and Key Largo scuba diving guides with information including the reefs, places to stay and things to do apart from diving. Cozumel features over 40 scuba diving sites in the Caribbean and it’s excellent to dive year-round at these sites. With a variety of sites being offered, it is suitable from novice scuba divers to scuba instructors looking for adventures with their students.

Key Largo is known as the scuba diving capital of the world for a good reason, as it is a strategic scuba diving destination where all divers have easy access. Key Largo dive sites are a part of the third largest barrier reef system in the world and the largest in the United States. With over 100 different diving sites being offered at this location, it is an excellent opportunity for divers of any skill levels to come here and dive.

Other than just providing guides for divers, the website also helps to offer suggestions to find the best gifts for scuba divers. “With extensive research being done and the list of gift ideas being curated by divers for divers of all skill range, we are sure that you will definitely be able to find the suitable gifts for your diver friend” said an admin for the website. “The posts are separated into three different categories which are gifts for new scuba divers, useful gifts for scuba divers of all skills and unique scuba diving gifts ideas.”

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About First Stage Scuba

First Stage Scuba is a diving resource made by real divers for divers. The site helps to provide product info to help new divers as well as tips and tricks for new divers. All the equipment info for every divers need to go from land dweller to sea creature with ease are provided. In addition to that, dive destinations are being covered so divers are able to explore the features of each dive site before each dive. One of the aims of this website is to help grow the scuba diving industry.

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