First Bitcoin Capital Corp. subsidiary (OTC: BITCF) Enters into MOU with Top Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer InterWallet, LLC to place Bitcoin ATM exclusively in Medical Marijuana dispensaries

VANCOUVER, B.C. / March 17, 2014 / BITCoin ATM Franchise Corporation (“Company”) a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Bitcoin Capital Corp., is pleased to announce that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturer InterWallet, LLC.

The Company has secured rights with InterWallet to exclusively purchase, place and service Bitcoin ATMs, manufactured by InterWallet, in medical marijuana dispensaries, including other high traffic retail locations at Company’s discretion.

Extensive demographic research conducted by BITCoin ATM Franchise Corporation showed that a strategically placed Bitcoin ATM in medical marijuana locations can prove to be extremely profitable.

As a result of its analysis, the company believes these high-traffic locations are beneficial because they attract a wide range of demographic groups, including a generation that is tech savvy, understands crypto-currency, embraces new and emerging technologies and also conducts a lot of its business online or through their smartphones.

The company sees this move as an entrance into the medical marijuana retailing sector. Research shows that medical marijuana has various beneficial clinical applications and is a valuable aid in helping patients control pain.

With nearly 20 U.S. states and the District of Columbia approving and regulating the use of medical marijuana, BITCoin ATM Franchise Corporation says its InterWallet-manufactured Bitcoin ATMs will support the medical marijuana industry by helping patients connect with an array of resources allowing them to make Internet payments using cash or Bitcoin to pay their bills and purchase advanced products or services in the most convenient way possible.

Since the world’s first Bitcoin ATM debuted in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2013, the industry has flourished with Bitcoin ATMs now being installed in many other locations including Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Hong Kong, Ireland and Singapore.

BITCoin ATM Franchise Corporation is the first Bitcoin Company in the world to offer a unique turn-key franchise investment opportunity, offering all legal, regulatory and location services for business owners to earn additional income by getting involved in the lucrative Bitcoin industry with minimal effort.

“We believe Bitcoin ATMs that are located in areas with high foot traffic, such as medical marijuana dispensaries, will only benefit the company’s bottom line and help secure the company’s plans for future growth and expansion,” the company said.

About BITCoin ATM Franchise Corporation:

BITCoin ATM Franchise Corp. is the first Bitcoin Company in the world to offer a unique franchise opportunity for business owners to earn additional income by getting involved in the lucrative Bitcoin industry. The company intends to build a network of Bitcoin ATMs that will be similar to any other ATM franchise company. Investing in a Bitcoin ATM franchise will allow business owners to earn good residual income without spending too much time and effort. A Bitcoin ATM franchise is ideal for those who want to start a small business but don’t have the required capital to do so. As the Bitcoin industry grows, more and more people will begin using the crypto-currency and the ATM, especially if it’s located in an area that has high foot traffic, will be the go-to choice for anyone looking to exchange, buy, or sell Bitcoins easily and quickly in one convenient location.

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is a developing Canadian-based mining company currently holding concessions of Gold in Venezuela and is preparing to enter the crypto-currency industry. It is the first vertically-integrated consolidation company of the Bitcoin and crypto-currency marketplace.

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About InterWallet, LLC

Company aims to be the largest enterprise grade franchise of modern payment kiosks, with regional distributors buying, selling, installing and maintaining its products all over the world. InterWallet complements bank and credit card based payment systems by enabling internet payments for people who prefer to pay in cash. Company believes credit cards are generally a convenient product that did a great job of bringing internet commerce to where it is today. Finally, its cash or bitcoin based payment flows are far simpler than using a debit or credit card on a web browser. InterWallet’s goal and mission is to allow any person with cash or bitcoin the ability to pay their bills and purchase advanced products or services in the most convenient way possible.

InterWallet Kiosks are Automated Points of Sale that let users pay for online or prepaid services in cash (or bitcoin where relevant). The machine can host many payment apps, including apps by currency exchanges that sell virtual currencies (such as bitcoin), and money transmitters such as Western Union and Moneygram, as well as prepaid products and bill payment products. The Kiosk can help achieve KYC (Know Your Customer) through a built-in document scanner, where regulation requires it. It can also dispense physical plastic cards, such as Prepaid Visa cards, Scratch cards or SIM cards. Those products can then be loaded with value through the Kiosk. For more information please visit

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