First app to use artificial intelligence for EV’s

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First app to use artificial intelligence for EV’s

● EEVEE now uses Artificial Intelligence to forecast battery life & health
● Mileage, range and drain are accurately calculated
● EV users now know exactly what their charging costs are
● Already compatible Tesla, BMW, Ford & Mini. More brands will follow in the near future
● The app is available in English, Spanish, German and French
● The EEVEE app is free

More than 10,000 electric car owners, in 63 countries - already gain insights into their charging costs thanks to EEVEE. The company now brings more convenience to its users with AI powered insights. Artificial intelligence takes a central role in short and long term data forecasting.

● Insights into charging costs

Electric car owners keep running into the same problem: the lack of transparency in their charging costs. In contrast to the petrol pump, the cost per charge is guesswork.

While the EV market accelerates, the adoption gets slowed down by the lack of convenience, transparency and cost awareness. Governments are focussing on TAX incentives and infrastructure hurdles, but drivers and companies are struggling with much more practical challenges like how to reimburse professional home charging or what influences the Total Cost of Ownership of a vehicle?

Unlike other solutions, the EEVEE app retrieves data directly from the car. It is striking that no investment is required for a smart charging cable or charging station. The user automatically gets an overview of every charge, statistics and the generation of reports.

Since its launch in 2019, EEVEE Mobility has been working closely with its users to integrate new functionalities. A few uncommon questions came up.

● Sweating at the airport

When you park your EV, it loses battery power. Barely noticeable in everyday life, but it can be a serious problem when drivers have to leave their car for extended periods of time.

An EV user emailed the team from his resort town, explaining that every time he landed, he feared he wouldn't have enough miles for the trip back home.

● Enter artificial intelligence

This concern was the starting point for the EEVEE team to use artificial intelligence, or AI for short.

AI is an automated decision-making system that can make decisions based on information that is input by humans. By feeding the system lots of historical data, it becomes possible to make accurate predictions.

When an EV driver parks his or her car, AI accurately predicts mileage for a range of 1 to 30 days. Drivers that know they will have sufficient battery left to make the trip home will have the piece of mind they experienced driving a petrol car.

The same AI technology is used to predict the car's battery health over 6 months, 1 year and 3 years.

● Big car manufacturers onboard

Everything started with Tesla. Today Ford, BMW and Mini drivers are able to link their car. EEVEE Mobility is currently talking to all big car manufacturers.

Steffen Brans “Making EV insights available for all EV drivers is our top priority. We are currently having a lot of constructive discussions with almost all car manufacturers. The technical complexity means that integrations are often slower than we would like, but all the manufacturers we talk to are convinced of the added value for their customers.”

● Ambitions for the future

The message from the car manufacturers is loud and clear: the future of driving is electric. The ambition of EEVEE Mobility is to make this EV adoption as easy as possible for drivers by removing all friction.

Steffen Brans: “The first step towards a brighter EV future is to recognize that EV drivers around the world are experiencing inconveniences that petrol cars drivers don’t have. EEVEE is all about solving these problems and adding value.”

EEVEE is available in English, French, German and Spanish in the new version.

The EEVEE app can be downloaded from iOS here and Android here.

To download images / screenshots of the EEVEE Driver 2.0 app please click here

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Note for editors
-The EEVEE app was launched in November 2020 and is currently actively used in 63 countries by more than 10,000 EV drivers.
-Information about the EEVEE app and EEVEE Business Solution can be found on this page

Any questions? Contact Steffen Brans (CEO) of EEVEE Mobility via or +32 479 27 04 50

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Name: Steffen Brans (CEO)
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