First Aid Enthusiast Discovers Surviveware Small First Aid Kit for EDC

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Surviveware Backpacking First Aid Kit Wins Over Seasoned Outdoorsman

There is a growing awareness of the importance of EDC or "everyday carry," in which people carry with them medical and emergency supplies that they may need when going about their daily routine. In addition to being a part of one's lifestyle, EDC items help ensure that an individual has the minimum level of preparedness should a disaster or accident occur. Everyday carry includes the basic survival items that a person should carry daily, based on their lifestyles, such as a multipurpose tool, flashlight, or a watch. This "always prepared" lifestyle has pushed people to invest in items such as hiking first aid kits that fit their needs and desired level of preparedness. Since mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere, it's crucial to have a first aid kit on hand should things go awry.

Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit is the choice for individuals who are building their EDC supply. This backpacking first aid kit is compact to be portable and convenient for everyday use and contains the most commonly used supplies for emergencies and critical situations.

Adding to the hiking first aid kit's convenience and portability is its MOLLE-compatible straps and labeled compartments. All items are stored within compartments, which note the items' name, quantity, and use. This is particularly helpful when searching for items in an emergency or other harried situation, when hands may be fumbling. Each of the 100 items has its own place in the kit, making it simple to retrieve and put away the supplies after the use.

The small first aid kit weighs just one pound and contains a number of supplies suitable for treating injuries like cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Bandages, gauze pads, cleansing, and antiseptic wipes, and steri-strips are stored inside the kit. Apart from these supplies, other provisions such as splinter probes, a triangular bandage, tourniquet, tweezers, and nitrile gloves are contained in this small first aid kit.

Currently, Amazon's Choice in its category, Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit is an excellent EDC item that one should consider purchasing. Apart from maximizing an individual's safety when out and about, it ensures thorough protection for one's self and family. This sentiment holds true for a Surviveware Amazon customer who recently bought the Small First Aid Kit after thorough research:

"Before I buy something, I do research. A lot of research. This first aid kit is perfect for hiking or your car. It comes in a smallish, very sturdy, well-made zippered pouch. You can lash that sturdy pouch to your backpack with its velcro straps or attach it to your belt if you wanna look like a nerd.

The pouch also has a zippered external compartment. The zippers (3) have a cool paracord thingamabob on them for easy pulling. Inside is everything you need for getting hurt neatly organized in clearly labeled mesh compartments. I'm not even worried about getting hurt anymore because, if I do, I've got that sturdy pouch on my belt. Need to close a wound? Go to the clearly labeled "WOUND CLOSURES" section and grab some wound closure stuff. Have a splinter? Go to the "SPLINTER PROBES" section and start pulling wood. This is an extremely practical and well-designed first aid kit. I'm actually buying a couple more to keep in my cars."

Be ready at any time of the day with an expert-approved backpacking first aid kit. Order your Surviveware Small First Aid Kit now by clicking here.

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