Fine Cigars Australia Expands Range To Offer Largest Cigar Selection Available In Australia

Fine Cigars Australia has created the largest selection of finest quality cigars available in Australia, offering them at lowest prices with door to door delivery, with every cigar comprehensively reviewed.

Cigars are a luxury item enjoyed by connoisseurs, and as such, their quality, provenance, flavour and texture are all widely debated according to personal preference, much like wine, whisky or coffee. Until recently however, the selection of cigars available in Australia was poor to say the least in comparison with those other, connoisseur loved items. Fine Cigars Australia has aimed to redress that balance, and has expanded their range of quality cigars to be the largest ever available in Australia, with every item fully reviewed.

The site was created by cigar lovers, and as such understands their needs. The reviews go into detail about the cigars, helping people make informed decisions according to their own tastes and preferences with the benefit of expert advice. The site enables people to purchase cigars and have them delivered to the door, in five packs, boxes or samplers.

The items are all listed with the country of origin, wrapper, length, ring size and number, together with information on the brand. All products are reviewed comprehensively by their expert team, and each item has clear pricing, which can range from a hundred dollars to over a thousand for the most sought after cigars.

A spokesperson for Fine Cigars Australia explained, “We began as a network of connoisseurs saving ourselves money by buying in bulk, but we soon realized that this private members club was doing the general public out of the chance to participate in a practice and culture we love, and so we opened our doors to full scale commerce. Doing so has gone better than we could ever have expected, and has enabled us to fill out and diversify our stock, so we are now the biggest provider of quality cigars in Australia.”

About Fine Cigars Australia: Fine Cigars Australia began in 2009, when a group of Australian connoisseurs, exasperated at the dismal quality and limited selection of cigars in Australia lost their patience. They grouped together and began to cultivate knowledgeable contacts and quality suppliers in order to import cigars for themselves. This developed into a sophisticated network and worldwide supply chain, now proudly serving customers throughout the country and the world with a truly extensive selection of cigars at price permanently lower than competitors.

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