Find Trade Schools Launches To Help Individuals Find Applied Courses In Arizona and California is a new online resource center created to help people find the kind of courses that will qualify them for real jobs, launching with listings for California and Arizona.

As academia rose to the forefront, vocational education was either forgotten about or looked down upon by a generation. However, with the spiralling cost of college and the difficulty finding work with a degree, many are realising that trade schools are the smart choice with trade jobs now paying well due to a shortage of trade people. Finding places to train in specific disciplines can be difficult however, which is why Find Trade Schools has just been launched. Their directories that cover Arizona and California are already receiving a lot of attention.

The Education Directory includes technical colleges, trade schools and even companies offering paid apprenticeships for people to train in the discipline they wish to work in. This vocational education is allowing people to get the kind of jobs they’ve always wanted without spending four years at college.

The site uses a very intuitive format to ensure the listings are as transparent as possible. The As well as offering listings, the site offers candid advice on how to select a school based on what people are looking to get out of it, and advice on the kind of classes available.

A spokesperson for Find Trade Schools explained, “This is just the beginning. With listings for both Arizona and California already updated, we are looking to constantly expand the number of states we cover and make the coverage of each state as comprehensive as possible. There are almost as many trade schools as there are specialist disciplines, and knowing where the best schools are for the career you want is a hugely important stepping stone in the decision making process. That’s why we offer more than just a directory, with extensive resources on how to choose courses and schools wisely.”

About Find Trade Schools: Find Trade Schools is a new online resource center helping people find courses that will qualify them for positions for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional education, while ensuring they are better suited to the roles they will fill. The site is regularly expanding its listings and aims to cover the entire US by the end of the year.

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