Finanssentralen Launches New Loans And Mortgages Website

A new online information portal in Norway is recently provide user an easy way to explore the various options of different loans.

David Amundsen is happy to announce the launch of the new website that helps people to find information about loans and mortgages in Norway.

The purpose of the newly established website is to help people to find the information they need when they are planning to borrow money. The idea is that you only have to go to one place to find all the information you need about loans and mortgages. "We hope to be the number one choice for information about loans in Norway," says David Amundsen.

In addition to a lot of information about loans and mortgages, Finanssentralen also offer its visitors to compare different lenders in Norway. To many people just ask their regular bank for a loan when they need money, without shopping around for a better deal. The financial institutions know this, and keep the rates high on their loans.

When you easily can compare different lenders on every aspect of a loan or a mortgage, it makes it possible for people to find the best deals, and to save money. If enough people are starting to pick one of the lenders that offer the best rates, a greater portion of the financial institutions will have to start competing on price as well. This will of course be beneficial for everyone that are planning to borrow money.

At the moment offer the visitors information about mortgages, student loans, and "forbrukslån." Even though the site doesn't cover every types of loans at the moment, this is the plan for the future.

Contact Info:
Name: David Amundsen
Email: Send Email
Organization: Finanssentralen

Release ID: 2216