Financial Responsibilities During Divorce; Family Law Attorney Susan Kherkher

Houston Divorce and Family Law Attorney Susan Compton Kherkher addresses the issues of financial responsibilities during the divorce process and provides guidelines for success without the stress. With a 50 % divorce rate in the U.S., education and preparation are critical in order achieve the best possible outcome.

Determining who has the financial responsibility during the divorce process

The legal benchmark to determine who has financial responsibility during a divorce starts with the date of formal separation. Houston Texas Family Law Attorney Susan Compton Kherkher lays out the most important steps to take prior to separation, guidelines to follow during the preparation process and what to anticipate during the actual divorce process.

Kherkher’s “Your Money and Divorce Series, Articles 1 and 2” provide valuable information for anyone considering a divorce in the near future. Before the date of separation both individuals are still legally married and are jointly responsible for any and all debts incurred. When a married couple separates, their financial reality enters into a gray area and they have little or no control over the actions of their soon-to-be ex spouse. In the typical divorce, each side is responsible to pay for their own attorney and any other costs associated with their lawsuit. It is important for anyone considering divorce to recognize the date of separation from their spouse as the date upon which the financial responsibility shifts from a joint responsibility to an individual and sole responsibility.

Most everyone who is contemplating filing for divorce is concerned with the costs of litigation. In order to assess the real costs of a family law case in Texas, Kherkher provides 7 steps to be considered:

1. Interview more than one attorney before hiring.

2. There are fees that are part of the litigation that are in addition to attorney fees.

3. Know the opposing counsel.

4. Define personal litigation tolerance.

5. Low retainer does not necessarily equal low cost.

6. Consider hiring a board certified attorney?

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Kherkher further explains how important it is to avoid spending sprees during the divorce and to keep personal expenses down to a minimum even after the divorce in order to more successfully adjust to a potentially different lifestyle along with possibly fewer financial resources. Kherkher’s position is that Knowledge IS Power and the more informed and prepared someone is prior to and during a difficult and stressful divorce process, the more likely they are to have realistic expectations, live within their means, and move forward in a much more healthy manner.

Individuals are invited to take time to see the attached documents, “Your Money and Divorce Series, Article 1” and “Your Money and Divorce Series, Article 2” for a thorough and complete guide to help manage expectations and be prepared for a potentially shocking lifestyle change.

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