Financial Literacy Becomes Newest Christmas Gift Across the Nation

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Americans are turning to the newest form of financial learning online and the benefits are allowing them to sleep in peace knowing they are finally in control of their future.

This year started normally, became an over dramatic tele-novella and thankfully it's ending. Considering the shutdown, election scandals, and the rising fear of another drastic economic disaster, many Americans abandoned the hopes of having their lives get back to normal. While most can't imagine us ever going back to a pre-2020 America, one South Florida group wants to help lives get better and not bitter in this strange and sobering “new-normal."

2019 studies across thirty-six states on over 100 campuses show 70% of millennials admitting their struggle with basic economic literacy. That number becomes more sobering considering the Harvard study showing only 60% of adults 50-65 years of age have a retirement plan. This proves that those going into AND those leaving the workforce are on opposite ends of the same financial illiteracy boat, and the need for a safe port in the nation’s economic storm has been made clear.

With a lasered focus and undaunted by the enormous task, the Kingdom Financial Academy team stepped into the gap earlier this year and became the difference Americans needed to discover and experience true financial freedom and peace.

Since its official launch on October 12th, 2020 Kingdom Financial Academy has become the hottest thing this year since comfortable face-masks. The non-profit school is living up to co-founder Daniel Shalach’s vision of helping the community he dearly loves while impacting the world.

“This year has been so amazing that it could only be the work of my Father. While we were all hit hard by this COVID issue, our focus at Kingdom Financial Academy was getting things in order so we could help as many people as we could and Praise God we are doing just that!” Shalach shared.

Shalach, who has over twenty-years of teaching on finances and his co-founders, Samantha Quiñones and Shasta Baker, have been teaching classes both online and offline to individuals and groups who have desired to become the authority over their finances, considering this year’s pandemic many people want to avoid future issues if another economic disaster hits.

Kingdom Financial Academy (a nonprofit) has a unique and effective teaching method which incorporates a psychological aspect that helps students break free from mental strongholds. This allows the student to understand the “why” they react with poor financial decisions and  helps them discover the “how” to change it permanently.

If you would like to change your financial habits and finally step into your financial future securely CLICK HERE .


Quiñones is a millennial financial coach, a Certified Financial Education Instructor and is launching her Millennial Money Mindset classes on January 11th, 2021 to assist her peers with the pains of everyday financial decisions.

Baker is a successful mompreneur, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, and has helped single moms get out of debt and create a stable financial home-life since 2018. She is launching her “Secret Side-Hustle” training on February 15th, 2021.

Shalach, is an international author, financial coach, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, national motivational speaker, and has taught financial classes since 1999 both privately and at the request of local government.

To inquire about church, group and online classes or to have the KFA Team come speak, contact Kingdom Financial Academy at the information below.


Contact Info:
Name: Daniel Isaiah Shalach
Email: Send Email
Organization: Kingdom Financial Academy
Address: 2665 South Bayshore Drive, STE 220 Miami Fl. 33031
Phone: 305 722 3778

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Name: Daniel Isaiah Shalach
Email: Send Email
Organization: Kingdom Financial Academy
Address: 2665 South Bayshore Drive, STE 220 Miami Fl. 33031