Filter Smart Water Creates New Salt Free Water Softener To Save Households Money

After creating an industry leading water purifier, Filter Smart Water has created an optimized softening solution to help keep pipes and clothes cleaner for longer.

Hard water occurs in areas where water is rich in mineral deposits, which can come from a variety of sources and is not always optimal for human consumption. What’s more, hard water is harsher on clothes and makes them wear down quicker, is more aggressive on skin and can aggravate sensitivities such as acne, and can cause mineral build ups in pipes increasing the number of blockages and repairs. Filter Smart Water created a pioneering eco-friendly water purifier, and after this success have added a water softener to their range to eradicate these minerals from the household water supply.

The result of eradicating these minerals is cleaner, softer water that keeps pipes, clothes and people cleaner and brighter. The water conditioners come with free replaceable sediment pre-filters that will increase the life of the water softener itself by catching the large particulates, and can reduce lime scale by up to 99.6%.

The product is an addition to the range of whole house water systems, meaning it is applied to the household water supply at the source, so no additional fixtures have to be made to individual pipes or faucets, meaning it will help keep boiler systems clean too, while requiring less maintenance.

A spokesperson for Filter Smart Water explained, “Filter Smart Water is committed to offering the most complete water filtration package possible without relying on corrosive salts, expensive power supplies or environmentally dangerous chemicals. We use coconut-shell derived carbon in our filters to provide an environmentally sustainable solution that is in fact more effective than more high tech apparatus. This also allows us to provide these long term, low maintenance solutions at more competitive prices than anyone else, helping individuals improve their water quality exponentially without a huge investment. With affordable financing deals and installation options, we handle everything from purchase to completion.”

About Filter Smart Water:
Filter Smart Water is the number one provider of salt free water softeners, conditioners and whole house water filtration systems. These systems produce the highest quality of water purity without the use of salt or other chemicals. They have designed unique systems to be healthier and more environmentally friendly than anything else on the market.

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