Fierce Beauty Keeps Curls And Color Under Control With New Line Of Products

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Fierce Beauty's new range of hair care products has been formulated to provide extra protection, control and volume for normal, colored, treated and curly hair.

Fierce Beauty has announced their new line of products to help keep curls and color under control. Weather patterns might be changing all the time, but the Fierce Beauty line will ensure that every woman's curls are protected from the elements this year, especially if the hair is prone to frizziness or fly away ends. Fierce Beauty's new line of products are all sulfate and paraben-free and are designed to be gentle enough for every day use. None of their ingredients are animal-derived products, nor are they tested on animals. They incorporate natural botanical extracts to keep the hair smooth, healthy and voluminous. This year's line includes shampoos, leave-in conditioners, intense moisturizing treatments and

Care Low Care Poo has been formulated for normal to oily and all hair types. The normal to oily product is available in both 12 and 32 oz containers. The formulation has also been designed not to fade colored hair. It removes dirt and oil build-up without affecting the hair's moisture levels. Its key ingredients include botanical extracts, orange peel extract and citrus oil.

The signature ingredients in the Curl Low Poo Shampoo are mango and star fruit, for their delicious fragrances and fruit extracts. This formulation does not generate a lot of lather, which is a better way to look after curls. Less lather means better curl shaping and less drying and damage to the hair and Curl Low Poo manages to keep hair clean and fresh without over drying it.

Fierce Beauty also manufactures a moisturizer hair gel that is not greasy, and which can take the curls from frizzy to flat in no time at all. This intense gel moisturizes and defines curls while keeping them in whichever style the wearer desires. It dissolves completely on wet hair for full cover and control and comes in two varieties: light and firm hold, which works on the most windswept of days.

For hair that is dry, damaged, or in need of intensive treatment, Heaven in Hair is the ultimate moisture treatment. Created from exotic Brazilian ingredients such as cocoa seed butter, murumuru and cupuacu, this locally made product revitalizes colored and treated hair.

For curls that are more fragile, or finer and prone to go frizzy under extreme weather conditions, the Curl B Leave-in Conditioner literally weighs the hair down and prevents it from becoming frizzy. Its key ingredients include enriching proteins and selected natural botanical extracts that add moisture, volume and shine to the hair while protecting it against damage.

Many other retail products make use of chemicals and toxins that are actually drying and damaging to the hair with prolonged use. As such, women end up using more products to keep their hair in shape. Due to Fierce Beauty's natural formulations, women with all hair types can have smooth, healthy hair, whether it is colored, treated or normal.

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