Fertilify, Inc. Launches First Product of its Kind in Answer to Declining Fertility

FERTILIFY's proactive solution helps women who either want to support their fertility while trying to conceive or women who want to maintain their reproductive health for later, says fertilify.com

In many countries around the world, health authorities are recording significant declines in fertility rates; many are at all-time historic lows. Although there are many factors contributing to this decline, the main and most common factor is age. Women are waiting longer to have children. The current approach to this issue is quite passive, taking action only when fertility issues are already apparent, which can require costly medical treatments. This leaves women with few options when trying to sustain their fertility until they are ready to start a family. In light of this situation, Lalli Chapman, principle founder of FERTILIFY, Inc., has launched FERTILIFY, the latest fertility supplement to hit the market.

"Whether today's modern women want to have children now or later in life, Fertilify was designed to help women be proactive about their fertility by helping to support and maintain their reproductive health. Our all-natural supplement has been designed to suit several women's needs. Our science-based approach ensures women can benefit from the latest breakthroughs in fertility research," said Lalli Chapman

FERTILIFY was developed by Dr. Cepeda, MD, FRCSC, a leading fertility physician and specialist. Understanding that women regard their fertility and their ability to bear children as natural and inherent, Dr. Cepeda created an all-natural supplement. FERTILIFY consists of only natural ingredients and flavoring. No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners are used.

Product research shows many women detest having to swallow multiple pills; FERTILIFY has been designed as a tasteful chewable berry flavored tablet. Fertility specialists, doctors, pharmacists and egg-banking clinics across the country are now offering the supplement to their patients.

FERTILIFY is currently the most cost effective fertility supplement available in the market by active ingredients. By mg-to-mg comparison of active ingredients, FERTILIFY is almost 40 percent more cost effective than other leading brands. It is also said to be 60 percent more potent by weight than other leading fertility supplements. "Most other leading supplements of this nature either do not have the right ingredients or enough of the active ingredients to be effective," stated Chapman.

FERTILIFY provides completely transparent Product Information and does not hide behind "proprietary blends" or contain questionable ingredients. The company readily reveals exactly what is in their formula and why each ingredient is important. Designed to be an all-in-one solution, there is no need for multiple bottles of vitamins and supplements. FERTILIFY works in conjunction with other fertility treatments such as Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), egg-banking, prenatal vitamins and other common measures.

The company takes pride in using only high quality ingredients and creating products through top-notch manufacturing. FERTILIFY is manufactured in the USA under FDA guidelines and is registered as a Natural Product by Health Canada. Accompanied by educational content, this is the only fertility supplement brand on the market emphasizing the importance of educating women about their fertility and how this product can help.

Chapman concluded, "FERTILIFY is a proactive solution to help modern women support and maintain their reproductive health. Whether a woman wants to have children now or later in life, FERTILIFY Inc. is dedicated to fulfilling both of these needs. We are committed to helping women be proactive about their fertility and strive to give women the peace of mind that they are doing all they can to support and maintain their fertility."

For more information, please visit fertilify.com.

About FERTILIFY, Inc.:

FERTILIFY Inc. develops reproductive health products based on current scientific research as well as offering credible and up-to-date information about fertility. Their flagship product is FERTILIFY, an international patent pending all-natural, chewable, doctor developed dietary supplement designed to help support and maintain women's reproductive health. FERTILIFY, Inc. is headquartered in Toronto ON, Canada and has been incorporated since 2013 by its principle founder Lalli Chapman and co-founders Dr. Rolando Cepeda and Anthony Marrato. FERTILIFY is a registered trademark of FERTILIFY, Inc.

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