Fellowship Church Expands Homegroup Initiatives To Connect With Fellowship Live Program

Fellowship Church is expanding its homegroup initiatives through the country by connecting them with the fellowship live program, broadcasting Pastor Ed Young’s sermons.

Christianity is one of the most populous religions in the world, but like all religions, is facing new challenges in the 21st century that the monoliths like Catholicism have been slow to adapt to. This has left Christians looking for a more muscular, charismatic form of Christianity that doesn’t back away from the challenges modern life poses, and this has led to the emerging popularity of Pastor Ed Young’s Fellowship Church Grapevine, Texas. The church has embraced 21st century means of reaching new members of its congregation, with streaming digital sermons and a new initiative called Homegroups, for likeminded people to meet and discuss the sermons.

Homegroups are a means by which for the Fellowship Church to reach out to groups of college students, international students, young married couples, and families that meet on different nights of the week and in different parts of the country.

By arranging these meetings during broadcasts of Fellowship Live individuals can share in the experience with a localized group, or they can meet up after the broadcast to discuss the themes and enrich their understanding. These two initiatives combined allow Fellowship church to have a truly national, and increasingly international following.

A spokesperson for Fellowship Church explained, “Homegroups have been a huge asset to our ministry and have helped us to reach more people and to reaffirm people’s faith by linking them up with likeminded people not just of a similar age or economic group but rather, people facing similar life circumstances like college or starting a family. With Pastor Ed Young’s sermons being broadcast online, these groups have plenty to talk about when they meet up from a theological basis as well as helping one another with their own challenges.”

About Fellowship Church: Fellowship is a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching community whose focus is on reaching the world with God’s message of hope and purpose. Founded in 1990 by Ed Young and a group of 150 people, Fellowship Church has become one of the most highly attended churches in North America. In addition to the main campus in Grapevine, TX, Fellowship Church operates eight more satellite campuses in Dallas, Miami, and London, England and online services.

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