Feisty Plush Toy Videos A Worldwide Viral Hit

An line of interactive plush toy known as Feisty Pets have become an internet sensation overnight and has gained over 1 million views. The unsuspecting facial expression change has been used as a gag to startle unsuspecting victims.

WMC Toys has released a new line of plush toys they've dubbed Feisty Pets. Resembling a cute stuffed animal, a simple squeeze to the back of their head changes their facial expression from sad to angry. Options include a monkey, dog, bear and a cat with more members of the animal kingdom en route.

Videos of Feisty Pets being used as a gag have become viral across the internet and viewed over 1 million times, and the toy has been featured and become popular on websites like BuzzFeed and Reddit. The popular videos have also been turned into popular Vines and include pranks whereby unsuspecting victims (both human and pet) being startled by the sudden change of facial expression and a family's cabin trip which includes a bear swiping a Feisty Pet out of someone's hand.

"One of the reasons I think these little Feisty Pets are resonating is that the sudden change from "cute" to "feisty" evokes an immediate and primal emotional response," says Mark Forti, founder of WMC Toys and inventor of Feisty Pets. "Go anywhere in the world, from the bush in Africa to London, and people can relate to the facial expressions and find it hilarious."

Feisty Pets are available on the company website as well as on the Feisty Pets URL.

The William Mark Corporation (WMC) is a California-based company founded in 1991 when Mark Forti invented a flying gyroscope known as the X-Zylo. Feisty Pets is the latest of interactive toys produced by WMC, which have also created other interactive toys like Flitter Fairies and Air Swimmers.

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