‘Feisty Hashtag’ Affects Social Life in 2018

Every year brings trends in romance and dating strategy. 2018 is looking like the year when ‘feisty’ women come to the forefront with TV characters like Ayra Stark and Leslie Knope leading the advance.

After the #metoo explosion of 2017, the new year is shaping up to be the year of the ‘Feisty’ woman’. Everywhere one looks descriptive terms like ‘#feisty’ and ‘#fierce’ are being bandied about to describe the hitherto ‘gentler sex’. It would be a brave Hollywood mogul to chance his arm with this new breed of woman. Personal trainers everywhere are reporting a surge in female clients wanting to hone their kickboxing skills and ninja tactics. Social media is reflecting these trends with aggressive hashtags appearing on Instagram and Facebook. Young women can take role models from fantasy characters like Arya Stark in Game of Thrones and the actress Maisie Williams pops up regularly on chat shows promoting her feisty personality.

Never far behind, the dating industry has latched on to this demographic with casual dating sites such as ‘delightfullyfeisty.com suddenly springing up to match the demand. Whether today’s man will welcome this new breed of fierce and feisty companions is a moot point because that is what seems to be coming their way. Feisty TV characters such as Leslie Knope personify the ‘feisty’ lifestyle. As Leslie is delighted to point out in a` recent interview dating a feisty woman comes with some great plus points – “trying new things is a blast for us so get prepared to take dancing lessons and to watch some weird movies on Netflix” and “don’t count on us to sit still unless its at church” she says.

If one wants some really practical advice on dating a feisty woman there is find plenty of sound advice at the Rebel Circus website which is a home to the feisty woman. Most importantly, they point out that a potential suitor has to be able to take what she dishes out and if his comeback is sharper and wittier than hers will have gone a long way to winning her heart. Rebel Circus also suggest that after a particularly fierce and feisty episode a gentleman should ‘pick a dandelion of the ground and give it to her’.

Boldsky.com also has 4 handy tips for keeping a feisty woman onside.: Firstly, a man should be independent minded himself, since these women admire independence in themselves and in others. One must never question her freedom since being a hindrance to their freedom will turn them nasty. A suitor should be romantic but not ‘filmy’. Bold and romantic is the key. Finally, he should always ask her opinion whether it is on which movie to watch or what meal to order, her opinion counts so one shouldn’t just presume. Sounds like fun? Well, the feisty woman is here for 2018 and probably for some time to come.

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