FDA Vape Pen Regulations - How The New Rules Will Affect Businesses

This article analyzes how the new FDA vaping regulations will affect the industry as a whole, and what steps merchants and resellers within the industry will have to take in order to keep their heads above water.

A new law that the FDA has recently created which moves to regulate electronic cigarettes (aka vape pens) like tobacco has recently gone into effect in the beginning of August, and there is a lot of talk and commotion about what this means for merchants who operate in the industry, and how it will impact the thousands of new business startups within this highly controversial industry throughout the country.

Here is a direct quote from a spokesperson at the FDA headquarters:

“The FDA finalized a rule extending our regulatory authority to cover all tobacco products, including vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, electronic cigarettes, e-pipes, and all other ENDS. FDA now regulates the manufacture, import, packaging, labeling, advertising, promotion, sale, and distribution of ENDS. This includes components and parts of ENDS,” says the FDA.

So what this basically does is regulate every vape pen, e cig, and hookah pen on the market just like a tobacco product, even though these products don't actually contain any tobacco. These new regulations have crippled small businesses who rely on being able to provide customer support and product information to their clients. Under the new rules, vape store employees cannot give out free samples, and are not even allowed to explain how a device works, making it nearly impossible to sell products that customers have little to no information about. Online retailers such as https://www.vaporizervendor.com have been able to continue selling the dry herb vaporizers, as mainly the e cigarette side of the industry has been affected, and it's really the vape juice manufacturers that have been hit the hardest by these new regulations.

Most vape shop owners claim that this is the end of the vaping industry, and it won't be able to survive for more than two more years, and with the FDA enacting these strict regulations, that is probably not too far from the truth. What we have seen in recent months is literally hundreds of vape shops that were once thriving businesses, have to close their doors in hopes of a finding another venture, one that isn't so regulated by a government agency which clearly does not understand the medical benefit that these devices are providing to the thousands of smokers in the United States that have used them to successfully quit smoking cigarettes. Another product type within the same industry, but that hasn't been as negatively affected is the marijuana vaporizer pen. These vape pen devices have been specifically designed to vaporize cannabis herbs and concentrates, and while they are still labelled as "tobacco" products, they don't use e juices laced with nicotine, and therefore aren't as restricted when it comes to selling them online and in stores.

The FDA doesn't seem to be concerned with how these new regulations will negatively affect small businesses around the country, and then claim that they are only interested in the health of consumers in our society. But the simple fact of the matter remains: regular cigarette smokers who are interested in switching to vaping now face a more difficult task than before, so it's important to realize this moving forward, so that attempts to correct this fatal flaw in the current regulations can ultimately be successful.

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