FCIT Coin - Coin Of Hot Potential Coin, Up Leading Hot Coin Year 2022

FCIT COIN is a coin developed on the TRC20 blockchain platform. This is the honest and popular blockchain platform today.

Similar to Ether, Tron (TRX) is a blockchain platform for decentralized applications (Dapps). TRC20 allows users to create or issue tokens on its blockchain. These tokens can be used as currency of DApp or for any purpose of token issuer. Like ERC on Ethereum, TRC is a standard for tokens running on the TRON platform.


FCIT COIN is a coin developed on the TRC20 blockchain platform. This is the honest and popular blockchain platform today. Investors can store or transfer FCIT on all types of wallets with TRC20 network such as Tron wallet, Trust wallet, Metamask wallet and most of today's wallets.


This is the reason why the majority of coins such as Bitcoin, ETH, LTC have skyrocketed (bitcoin's total supply is 21 million BTC). The special feature of FCIT COIN is that the total supply is only 30 million. FCIT is developed on the TRC20 platform, so it is impossible to change the total supply quantity. Even the FCIT developer cannot generate more than 30 million FCI. Investors can check on the blockchain of Tronscan.org or on the Tron wallet.

It only takes 2 seconds to complete FCIT transfer order. Because TRC20 is the network with the best transaction speeds right now.

LOW TRANSACTION FEES: This is considered the advantage of FCIT when the fee per transaction is only $1. Meanwhile, other networks lose between $6 - $20 per transaction.

To develop a coin is not difficult in the era of the blockchain technology boom as today. However, the new uses create value and increase the price of the coin. Instead of them drawing the ecosystem and the illusion of the future, FCIT COIN is used as the trading unit of the FCITRADING exchange. Currently, FCIT has more than 50,000 active traders and owns FCIT COIN. In the future, FCIT COIN will become an instant commercial and liquid coin on FCITRADING's e-commerce ecosystem.

At the time of 30,000,000 FCIT COIN is issued, the total capitalization on FCITRADING is 30,000,000 USDT. That is, the exchange rate of the FCIT coin at the time of launch was 1 FCIT = 1 USDT. The market cap of FCITRADING is on the increasing trend. That means that the FCIT min coin value is 1 USDT. FCIT tends to gradually increase in the near future. FCITRADING said that when their capitalization reaches $300,000, the price of 1 FCIT will be 10 USDT. This is great for anyone who owns FCIT.

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