FATJOE Launches New Blog 2 Video Service

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Link building and content creation brand FATJOE has launched a new Blog 2 Video service, enabling customers to convert blog posts into video content.

Converting blog posts into video content is now easier than ever with Blog 2 Video from FATJOE. The new service takes blog posts and helps clients to reach a new traffic source by converting them into videos of one, three or five minutes long.

There are three steps to converting a blog post into a video with the new service. Firstly, a script is written based on the blog post, which meets the length requirements for the video. The script is then used to create a voiceover, with a choice of male and female voices from the US or UK. Finally, a professional animator will create an animated video that highlights the important points in the voiceover using simple, clean iconography and slides.

Video content can be used to bring in a new source of traffic and can be shared via social media and uploaded to sites such as YouTube. Blog posts are ideal for converting into video content too. Repurposing a blog post helps brands to get more from their most successful content, allowing them to create even more value from one piece of content. Video is an engaging form of content that captures people's attention and can be used across different platforms.

When choosing the Blog 2 Video service from FATJOE, customers benefit from a hands-off experience. They simply need to provide a URL to the blog post that they wish to convert to video, and FATJOE takes care of the rest. Every video is designed to be clean and professional, as well as branded with the brand's colours and fonts so that it fits in seamlessly with their website and social channels. The service offers a scalable and accessible way to start producing video content for audiences and keep up with the latest trends in content marketing.

FATJOE offers a 100% money back guarantee on first orders of all of their services. Anyone who isn't happy with the work they receive can simply request their money back, and they will receive it. The FATJOE team is confident in the quality of their work and is willing to back it up with this guarantee.

Video is one of the most important digital marketing channels. Now is the time for those who haven't already to get onboard and see what video can do for their brand. It's easy and affordable to get started with video content with FATJOE's new Blog 2 Video service. Examples are available to see on the FATJOE website, making it easy to see what the service can do and what is possible with the Blog 2 Video service. Ordering is simple too, with a quick and intuitive checkout process.

For more information, visit the FATJOE website at https://fatjoe.com/. Contact Joe Davies for enquiries by calling (949) 239 6225 or emailing support@fatjoe.com.

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