Fashion One is Now F.O. After President Of FASHIONTV, Michel Adam Tells Gleissner To FO

After international legal battle Fashion One changes branding to F.O.

From 2005 until 2009 Michael Gleissner has been FashionTV’s licensee in the Philippines, during this time Gleissner covertly started his own fashion channel launched in 2010. Gleissner chose the name ‘Fashion One’ for his new-born channel, the same name as one of FashionTV’s existing channels ‘Fashion One’ which was operating in the European Union, Turkey, Middle East, CIS & Russia, and Hong Kong through their licensee since 2004.

On Tuesday, 21.01.2014 FashionTV obtained a ‘cease and desist’ court Injunction against Gleissner’s company, Fashion One Television Ltd. Bigfoot, to refrain from broadcasting a fashion-related television programme under the name ‘Fashion One’ within the territory of the European Union.

Google, YouTube and all other online platforms were soon to follow the Federal Court of Vienna and immediately banned the online activities of Gleissner in the European Union.

Gleissner and his representatives had attempted to contact President of FashionTV, Michel Adam, in request to remove the injunction and to allow Gleissner to operate a fashion channel using FashionTV’s European Trademark ‘Fashion One’. Michel Adam, realizing the size of investment made by Gleissner to steal content and suppliers, amicably proposed a financial settlement and a sale of the trademark and copyrights to Gleissner provided that Gleissner will follow the fair competition act. Gleissner in response allegedly swore at Michel Adam.

Gleissner, frustrated from being banned on TV and online, accused by the Federal Court of Austria with jurisdiction all over the European Union for Trademark infringement, and unable to meet FashionTV’s negotiation terms had decided to turn to his last resort and initiated desperate move, pay off FashionTV’s Satellite Service Provide, RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd(NASDAQ Symbol: RRSAT), & Avi Cohen, RRSAT’s CEO to aggressively hijack FashionTV’s frequency and indeed on Friday morning, February 7th, Gleissner made violent takeover on FashionTV’s frequencies.

This move was proven to be unsuccessful as hours later all TV operators were able to immediately change the frequency to FashionTV’s new frequencies provided by SatLink Communications. Michel Adam, President of FashionTV, in correspondence to the hijack of frequency injunction responded with choice words to Gleissner .

On Friday, February 28th, Gleissner changed the name of the ‘Fashion One’ TV channel to ‘F.O.’ in homage to what Michel Adam had said to him, a change which was tongue in cheek.

The European Union Federal Court Injection was the first of many such as petitions for cancellation due to False Designation of Origin, Fraud, Abandonment/Nonuse, and more… in USA, China, Middle East & Russia / CIS. Gleissner, funded by a Chinese / Hong-Kong company seems to be practicing an antidumping practice as he is giving all the content free of charge and is not placing any advertisements on the channel.

About FashionTV
FashionTV is an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel. Founded in France in 1997 by its Polish-born president Michel Adam Lisowski, FashionTV has become one of the most widely distributed satellite channels in the world: 31 satellite and 2,000 cable systems, with a total of 500 million households in 193 countries across the five continents.

Today, FashionTV is a multi-media platform offering a review of global fashion and is independently owned and operated from the headquarters in Paris, London and Vienna.

About Fashion One
Fashion One is a global television network launched on 8 April 2010. Topics covered include lifestyle, travel, entertainment, film and fashion.

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