Farmer Doge - The First Project With Multi-Currency Reflection Features

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Farmer Doge stepped in and has started to make its name known among crypto communities.

Introducing Farmer Doge, with its multi-currency reflection properties, Farmer Doge becomes the first one to establish a unique proposition in the market, and also being the first meme-influenced cryptocurrency to come up with such a concept.

The emergence of Dogecoin-influenced cryptocurrencies was rather potent in the last few months after the likes of DOGE and SHIB reached immense heights and joined the top 10 ranks in the market. However, few of such cryptocurrencies distinguished themselves with unique utility in the crypto market.

Farmer Doge, as influenced as it can be from Dogecoin, is just as its name suggests. It provides yield farming to users and not just with the use of $CROP, its native token.Users can farm any cryptocurrency within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), whether that is a top 50 cryptocurrency or a newly launched meme coin.

As the name of the project suggests, the key idea is that users have to plant and then harvest the work. The more users provide, the more they can be rewarded through yield farming. Furthermore, the higher the trading volume of Farmer Doge, the higher the rewards.

In addition, Farmer Doge is more than just a cryptocurrency because of its contribution to the community. Tons of vegetables and plants are thrown away every year because they are not physically appealing to be in marketplaces, even if they are edible and healthy. Farmer Doge attempts to tackle food hunger issues by buying such fruits and vegetables and donating them to charity.

In this way, families in need, as well as restaurants and other businesses that may use fruits and vegetables as ingredients for providing meals to charities, are not going to have deficits in the food sector.

Farmer Doge Tokenomics

The total supply of Farmer Doge is 10 billion $CROP. Here is how the supply is allocated:
● 62% of the total supply was sold in private presale;
● 33% of the total supply was sold in the fair launch;
● 5% of the total supply was allocated to the Farmer Doge developers.

Farmer Doge is a deflationary token, where a 15% tax is imposed on each $CROP transaction.
Out of this 15% tax:
● 10% is distributed to reward other users;
● 3% is used for marketing purposes;
● 2% is used to provide liquidity.

The Future of Farmer Doge

Farmer Doge is yet at its beginning. When looking at the roadmap of this project, there are plenty of features that the Farmer Doge community is getting excited about.

First, Farmer Doge is currently working on being listed on major centralized exchanges. This could give Farmer Doge the exposure it needs to climb the market capitalization rankings.

Second, Farmer Doge is also working on providing the Farmer Doge NFTs. With the NFT marketplace booming in 2021, this could be a boost for Farmer Doge on achieving its other goals.

Another project that Farmer Doge is working on is providing a metaverse together with other cryptocurrencies. The metaverse could increase the utility of $CROP tokens as well as the upcoming Farmer Doge NFTs.

Lastly, Farmer Doge plans to develop the Farmer Doge Swap, a decentralized exchange that can allow users to easily swap cryptocurrencies in the Binance Smart Chain.

The future looks quite promising for Farmer Doge. Being the first of its kind, Farmer Doge has the potential to surge upward in the long run.





Contract Address BSC : 0x54d625b45bcb1326f64ce79fac313f4d8f47ae24

Contact Info:
Name: Ethan Shaffer
Email: Send Email
Organization: Farmer Doge
Phone: 916-280-4165

Release ID: 89055413

Name: Ethan Shaffer
Email: Send Email
Organization: Farmer Doge