Fanmi launches two new watches targeted at senior audiences

Fanmi has launched two new simple watches that are designed with seniors in mind.

Fanmi has recently launched two brand-new simple watches that are designed for senior use. The two watches have been developed with Fanmi’s decade of experience in designing and manufacturing senior-focused mobile phones.

The two watches are the B20 and the B35.

The B20 features an emergency SOS call button that can be used in the event that a senior is experiencing trouble such as a fall. It can also be paired with a mobile phone app to support location tracking. The front of the watch features simple large buttons that can easily be accessed by seniors, even if they have issues with their dexterity

The B35 functions more like a regular watch with a digital clock face and multiple unique settings. It also has an SOS call function in the event the senior is in trouble. In addition, the B35 comes with GPS tracking as standard, meaning it can be paired with security systems so that they can easily be located. The B35 also offers a number of unique features such as a heart rate monitor and blood pressure/oxygen monitor.

Fanmi hopes to appeal to a wider audience of seniors and carers with their two new senior watches. When combined with their existing range of senior-focused products, they have the potential to save lives and offer carers and family members peace of mind.

Fanmi has been in the business of creating senior-friendly products for many years. For more information about the B20 and B35 senior watches, please refer to the contact details below to visit the website or contact Fanmi regarding their products.

Contact: Emily Chiao
Address: Floor 12th, High Tech Building 5 block,Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Phone: +86-755-26659180

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Name: Emily Chiao
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Organization: Fanmi
Address: Floor 12th, High Tech Building 5 block,Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Phone: +86-755-26659180

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