Family & Youth Foundations Founder Launches Better Now On-Line Counseling

The platform offers access to innovative therapy methods, connecting the world of patients and therapist.

Leon Sankofa, the founder of Family & Youth Foundations and a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), board-certified sexologist, clinical hypnotherapist, and trauma practitioner has announced the launch of “Better Now On-line Counseling.” The platform offers mutual value to both therapist and patients. The platform allows all therapist access to more patients nationwide who are seeking specialized therapies that may not be accessible locally. For patients, it allows them to highlight specific treatment modalities with a “click of a button.” This platform creates synchronous connection to both parties to advocate on-line therapies with ease of access and direct results.

Sankofa brings 30 years of professional experience to Better Now On-Line Counseling. His extensive experience working with youth and families afflicted with trauma, substance abuse and anxiety has contributed to the formulation of the methods included within the platform. He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and has completed additional coursework through VCU’s Public Policy and Administration Doctoral Program.

Sankofa describes two categories of clients he works with. The first group are patients that face deep seeded trauma linked to their sub-conscious mind. These patients seek to remove pain from their subconscious minds to reach a normal state. The second group of patients may not be afflicted with pain but are seeking to optimize their cognitive abilities. Leon commented, “They get clarity and what happens is we reboot things. We realize their feeling and system is optimized, and it is easy to understand why, because the mind is like a computer. If you take out the mobile apps playing in your computer’s background, it moves faster.”

Leon explains that “seeing is believing,” as he describes how he uses comedic hypnosis to demonstrate the powers of the mind on stage to his audiences. He adds, “there is an opportunity to change if you change the mind.
Sankofa explains, “Therapy has a lineage of misconceptions and has been overshadowed by alternatives like medicine, however it has a longer history which has been recodified, renamed, but proven to be one of the most effective techniques to acquire long-term change.”

Sankofa has discovered that tapping into the subconscious mind can improve the care offered by therapists for patients who suffer from mental health, anxiety, depression, and fear issues by pushing past the conscious mind and finding the true root problems that exist within the deeper layers of the subconscious mind. Once the root trauma has been discovered within the subconscious layer, therapist can select more efficient modalities to achieve long-term healing with permanent results.

He also added that, “Your conscious mind is designed to analyze and to measure. It’s built that way. Your subconscious has a different function, which is to survive and continue.” Sankofa continued saying, “What we perceive as a bad habit is an activity of the subconscious mind. Somehow, that activity got into your subconscious mind, and it creates either comfort or discomfort. Either way, it has warranted the mind to repeat that pattern.”

Sankofa began his journey to improve the quality of mental health services and professional development training long before founding “Better Now On-Line Counseling.” He owns Family & Youth Foundations and Parallel Behavioral Services which are community-based therapeutic agencies focused on providing services for strengthening families and building support systems for those suffering from fear and anxiety. The organizations offer trauma therapy, in-home counseling, sexual abuse treatment and outpatient services.

Leon has staff development training on trauma, childhood sexual trauma, resiliency with youth, adolescent issues and building healthy family relationships. He continues to consult and engage in public speaking events for treatment centers, mental health agencies, public schools, detention centers, corporations, celebrities, public figures, and universities throughout the state of Virginia and U.S.

Sankofa also wrote the children’s book “The Thought I Lost,”, about the adventurous journey of “Little Leon,” who cannot remember where he put his thought. It is a fun adventure that ensues as he hunts for his lost thought, teaching life lessons along the way.

By spreading his methodologies through “Better Now On-Line Counseling,” Sankofa hopes to offer the ability to change a person’s life with a simple conversation.

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