Family Therapist Melissa Rich Teaches Others How to Control Stress, Creating a Healthier Way of Living

Stress, with the right tools, can be stopped in its tracks. Melissa Rich helps people banish anxiety, worry and health issues and reclaim their life.

According to The American Institute of Stress, over 80 percent of Americans are stressed out in their workplace, and many carry the stress back home. Dr. Melissa Rich teaches people how to control their stress by teaching concrete, hands-on skills and techniques that are effective and doable.

"Stress can affect you physically by causing low energy, headaches, and obesity," says Dr. Rich. "Emotionally, stress can create frustration, irritability and a sense of being overwhelmed. Learning to manage your stress can improve concentration, productivity, and emotional health."

Dr. Rich created the STAR method to help her clients control stress. STAR is an acronym for Shun, Transform, Adjust and Receive. By incorporating these tactics, Dr. Rich leads her clients to change habits, creating an environment that greatly reduces stress.

"Work and home are the two places people spend the majority of their time," Dr. Rich states. "If these locations are also sources of significant tension, it can make people feel like they will never get away from stress! Learning how to manage our stress in a positive way is extremely important in every area of our lives. The trick is to learn some effective tools and techniques and regularly incorporate them into our lives."

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