Faivish Pewzner Expands Real Estate Business With New Properties Available In Brooklyn, NY

Faivish Pewzner is fighting back against the gentrification of Brooklyn with affordable homes for Jewish residents, through his new real estate business gaining momentum in the area.

New York is the world’s biggest and most diverse metropolis, but that diversity is under threat as the creeping gentrification of its poorest areas drives out populations who can no longer afford to live where their families have grown up for generations. This is affecting every community, and Faivish Pewzner, New York citizen and pillar of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, is now looking to do something about it, setting up his own real estate company to offer a more affordable alternative. The company has just secured a broad range of new properties for sale and rent.

The new homes available are bright, surprisingly spacious and even more surprisingly, affordable. Because Faivish Pewzner has set up his company not for profit but as an act of service provision, the commission rates only cover the costs involved and do not seek to make a profit, enabling them to undercut competition while still providing a superb service.

This unique approach is informed by Faivish Pewzner’s regular charity work, which aims to help regenerate the Jewish communities in New York, and a lifetime as a doctor helping bring healthcare to those who need it in an accessible and affordable manner.

A spokesperson for Faivish Pewzner explained, “Housing is now one of the biggest issues facing the Jewish community, many of whom have families in New York and Brooklyn they now struggle to stay close to due to spiraling housing prices. Faivish Pewzner has always been a man on a mission, and the mission to make sure housing is available to those who need it is the reason why he has created his real estate business, which is already thriving. The addition of these new properties show that sellers are responding to his cause-based approach over other real estate companies more concerned with profit.”

About Faivish Pewzner: Faivish Pewzner is a devout orthodox Jewish resident of Brooklyn, New York and is very active in philanthropy. He is growing his real estate business in the New York City area, aiming to offer an impressive portfolio of affordable housing to people in the Jewish community. He is a committed to ensuring basic needs are met and surpassed, and that his neighborhood thrives through careful stewardship.

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