Fairy Star Lights From Frux Home And Yard Said To Make Great Christmas Lights

As the holiday season approaches, many new and power saving holiday lighting solutions replace traditional lighting. Many of these new solutions are said to be more versatile due to their construction and dual indoor / outdoor capabilities.

The greatest time of year is merely a few short weeks away, and that means consumers everywhere are preparing to purchase gifts and decorations to usher in the Christmas season.

With many different Christmas lights available on the market, consumers are constantly looking for lights that are functional, versatile and durable. A new set of Fairy Star Lights being sold by Frux Home and Yard are said to provide all these features, making them great lights for Christmas.

To begin with, the lights are described as being extra-long, 39 feet in length and are comprised of 120 small, warm white LED bulbs visibly strung with a thin and flexible copper wire. The fairy star lights are also said to be fitted with the latest generation 360 degree sparkle LEDs which are designed with safety in mind. These lights carry an IP65 rating and a 6V DC power adapter that comes with UL certification plus a portable ‘AA’ battery powered adapter. As such, the lights are suitable for use in many different applications, including being used as Christmas lights. Additionally, the lights are water and wind proof and can therefore be used outdoors in addition to their traditional use indoors and on Christmas trees.

Christmas lights have been in use for more than a century and have come a long way; from candles, to incandescent lights, and now to Fairy Star Lights. However, modern day Christmas lights still have many drawbacks, among which are the that some of them are not energy efficient and many are either used only for indoor or exclusively for outdoor purposes. Frux Home and Yard aims to address all these concerns with their Fairy Star Lights, being that they are suitable for all kinds of weather and all seasons, plus the LED bulbs they are fitted with last much longer than traditional bulbs.

Several customers who bought the Fairy Star lights have already been alluding to their intentions to include the lights in their decorative exploits for the Christmas season.

“This is really a great product and I can see myself using it wrapped around Christmas garland and many other holiday decorations,” said Lisa Ray in a verified Amazon review.

Another reviewer, Connie Gruning, also stated: “I can’t wait for Christmas! These will be a perfect addition to my pine bough vine that I hang on the mantel.”

The Fairy Star Lights from Frux Home and Yard are available exclusively on Amazon.com and are sold with a bonus offer, which is the ‘AA’ battery adapter for portability or for use in areas that are without electrical outlets.

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