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Taxi Tai Toan Cau is a platform that provides necessary information about transportation services, such as shipping processes and price lists.

Vietnam is a country that has been on a strong growth track in recent years and is expected to continue to increase soon. Therefore, the people’s need to move to big cities to work increases, to move houses with better economic conditions, and to move offices of companies. Among the companies providing moving services that have been present in the market today, Taxi Tai Toan Cau is a reputable packaged moving service provider.

Moving house/apartment/office is not a simple job as taking a lot of time. Even if there are many helpers, inexperience in moving furniture causes a lot of difficulties. This can cause certain damages such as scratches and damage to furniture. Not only that, having no experience buying materials to pack furniture can cause many people to move house on their own, which costs a lot of money. On that account, finding a quality moving provider at a reasonable price is the top desire of homeowners.

Taxi Tai Toan Cau was established over 6 years with more than 10,000 customers. The company set standards of courteous service to customers, considering each company employee a solid brick, carefully selected to try to connect for the common ideal of serving customers. Taxi Tai Toan Cau company provides 4 main services: packaged house moving service, packaged office moving service, truck rental service, and worker rental service. In addition, the company also has an intercity moving service. Taxi Tai Toan Cau meets most of the factor’s customers needs when moving, assurant no costs incurred when using the service.

The first advantage of the service of packaged moving house, packaged moving office of Taxi Tai Toan Cau is transparent publicity of prices right at websites and competitive prices compared to other units in the same field. Through hotline or Zalo, customers provide the time, location, quantity, and size of furniture to be transported. The operator will advise in detail about the number of employees and the appropriate truck without wasting time.

Secondly, when customers need to move house or office without a package service, but only hire a truck to carry things. Taxi Tai Toan Cau has a full range of trucks and modern equipment. To serve customers moving from remote provinces to 2 big cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, and vice versa. With a variety of payloads from 750kg, 1.4 tons, 2 tons, 3.5 tons, and 5 tons, as well as prices for different travel distances. Guaranteed to meet all the needs of customers. In addition to providing truck rental services by the trip, Taxi Tai Toan Cau also provides truck rental services monthly, more suitable for businesses with frequent transportation needs, with a discount on monthly sales.

Thirdly, Taxi Tai Toan Cau provides a hiring workers service to disassemble and unload, cater all necessary tools including folder cartons, wrapping paper, and PE wrapping film. This service is suitable for customers who need to hire workers to disassemble beds, air conditioners or washing machines. The price for this service depends on the value of the property to be disassembled. Besides, when the customer has finished disassembling but not enough human resources to carry them out. The company also provides the service of hiring workers for unloading at the latest prices on the market today. Taxi Tai Toan Cau staff with 10 years of acquirement in doing house moving services promise to bring the best experience to customers.

For more details about Taxi Tai Toan Cau specific services and price list, click on the following website: https://taxitaitoancau.com

About the company: Taxi Tai Toan Cau is one of the leading companies which greatly assists customers in moving homes and offices nationwide.

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