Facial Yoga Group Holds Weekly Meet and Greet.

Holding a weekly meetup group in San Diego, California teaching facial yoga and other do it yourself non surgical facelift techniques every Wednesday from 730pm to 830pm.

Turn on the television, and there are plenty of celebrities being lionized for flawless skin and maintaining youthful looks into their elder years. Truth be known, it is very difficult and expensive to keep up these appearances, and most people cannot afford the time or cost.

Plastic surgery for cosmetic purpose is rarely if ever covered under most insurance plans. The average person cannot afford the cost out of pocket. This means looking for potential alternatives.

Scott Truel, owner of Spiritus Healing Arts, has a solution that will help the signs of aging as well as improve overall health without expensive surgery or cosmetics.

Truel is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner in San Diego, California. He is also a licensed esthetician and massage therapist.

“The motto of my group: Exercised Muscles Do Not Sag,” said Truel.

Truel refers to his weekly class on facial fitness. Each Wednesday, Truel hosts guests at his Mission Valley location to practice facial yoga and other exercises.

The techniques help the face regain muscle tone and strength. This helps the face maintain a youthful and healthy look. The techniques are also appropriate for anyone regardless of age.

“Those who have participated in weekly sessions have found results in remarkably short times. There are reports of practitioners seeing a change in as few as two to three weeks,” said Truel.

Each session is devoted to facial yoga. Yoga is already mainstreamed for overall health and wellness, but very few instructors offer facial yoga exclusively. Truel is one of very few in the San Diego area who is offering this class.

Besides the facial health benefits, the yoga helps improve overall appearance and health by helping to eliminate stress.

“Stress is a huge problem for everyone, and stress shows on the face more than any other part of the body. Facial yoga helps to firm the skin, lessen baggy eyes and improve the body’s ability to fight stress,” said Truel.

Since facial yoga is surgery-free, there is no risk associated with the exercises. The cost is a mere fraction of what would be paid for surgical treatment as well. Tuition fees are available on the website.

Seating is limited, so those who are interested are encouraged to sign up in advance for a spot.

Once the techniques are learned, practitioners can continue practicing in the privacy of their own homes, another added benefit.

Truel will also continue to offer personalized support, goal setting and encouragement to those who attend.

“Everyone who attends will get some degree of personal attention and coaching,” said Truel.

Additional information about Truel, the facial yoga program and other services offered is available at the website. Click Here to learn more.

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Organization: Spiritus Healing Arts
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